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Cigar Accessories – Cutters, Lighters, Ashtrays & Humidors

If you are going to enjoy premium cigars on a regular basis, then you will need an array of accessories to go along with your favorite smokes. From ashtrays and cigar cutters, to lighters, humidors and other miscellaneous accessories, you will need to have these things on hand in order to enhance your smoking experience. All cigar accessories are not the same in terms of functionality and quality, so you will need to consider what products will meet your particular needs.

Never received any of my

Based on 16 reviews

Never received any of my $60.00 order..its. Been over 2 months since my Credit card was debited..! Still NO SMOKES!

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Based on 7 reviews

Great product and great service as usual

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Chalet Humidor- perfect desk-top humidor for the Everyman!

Based on 5 reviews

The humidor comes with a hygrometer and small puck for distilled water/ solution. There isn't any instruction on the conditioning process included but you can just look it up online and find a video with instructions. Nice cherry wood finish and small divider included. All- around a great purchase!

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Based on 3 reviews

Does very good job. Great deal for the price.

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Beautiful looking and very well constructed humidor

Based on 3 reviews

I seasoned the humidor, went on vacation for a week, added beads and then cigars spread out over the next few days until it was comfortably full--not packed, mind you, they need a bit of room to breathe but fairly loaded. It has been performing impeccably, keeping a steady 70% and right around the 70°F that I keep my house at. I did not count the number of cigars that I ended up putting in it, I would guess about 220 50-60 gauge--It handled some Presidente length cigars without a problem, but most are Churchills and Torpedoes. I could easily put another box inside, but I really do like to leave some empty air space for the humidity to be able to effectively 'touch' all of the sticks. I love the 'swooshing' sound seal on this humidor because that combined with the beads 70% beads, I don't feel the need to have to monitor it too closely. Bottom line, I would, without question, purchase this beauty again. It looks much better than pictures can show and it works flawlessly. BnB deserves kudos too, for their excellent customer service, they answered all of the pre-purchase questions I had in a professional, thorough and rapid manner!

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