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Misc Cigar Accessories - Find Low Cost Humidification & Other Cigar

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Cigar Accessories: Elements That Will Help You Smoke in Style


Inexperienced cigar smokers are usually focused on the distinctive flavor of the cigar that they are sampling. On the other hand, seasoned cigar devotees also pay attention to other important aspects related to their regular smoking ritual, like sleek cigar accessories, for instance. We give you unlimited access to a vast collection of brand cigar accessories designed to fit all budgets, tastes and demands. From gorgeous cigar leather cases, cigar mechanic travel pouch, cigar 16 oz. solution and cigar humidifiers to digital silver hygrometers and superb steel cigar tubes and flasks, we provide every conceivable type of cigar accessories to help you upgrade your smoking routine and get more pleasure from it. 

Water Pillow

Based on 3 reviews

A must have for storing your tobacco inexpensively.

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Fast Service - Great Products

Based on 2 reviews

Second time I've purchased from BnB. Always ship fast. Pipes are excellent, as represented on the site.

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Based on 1 review

Simply the easiest and the very best when it comes to humidification.

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Works very well.

Based on 1 review

Glad I used this product it work well for me.

View Boveda Seasoning Packs 84% details...

Doesn't work

Based on 1 review

Cannot get it to work.

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Great delivery

Based on 1 review

Ordered cigar oasis and arrived on time!

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Dr. RH Cigar Remedy 16oz Bottle, what

Based on 1 review

4 stars so far, jury's stil out on the long term, end of 1st bottel.

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Does What It Says

Based on 1 review

With the humidor correctly conditioned, this stuff will keep right at 70%. While I was conditioning my box, I saw it drop as low as 68%, but never lower than that.

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Great Humidifier

Based on 1 review

This is a smart compact humidifer that keeps my cigars around 70%. It continuously monitors and displays the humidty on the LED display. (Note: it can only raise the humidity).|The only complaint I have is the ribbon connector connects to one end of the unit and because I run the cable out the back of the humidor the display is backwards.

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