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Beretta Elite King Cigarette Tubes 200ct Carton

Beretta Elite King Tubes 200ct

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Product Information
Beretta Elite Premium Cigarette tubes are micro perforated for lighter draw. Still made with their signature black filter design that offers distinct appeal, as well as a 17% larger filter that sets them apart from their competitors. Next, to provide better taste, Beretta uses oxidized papers that produce a cleaner and more natural smoke. This not only improves the quality of taste, but by not using chlorine, they are much safer for our environment.
Brand: Type: RYO Tubes/Paper Manufacturer:
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Best Tubes


I have tried so many brands that I couldn't attempt to name them all here. I can say that to each their own but for my tastes the Beretta Elite King's are the best tube for the value on the market to date.

by on

Beretta Elite King Tubes 200ct


These tubes are a great value. The paper used is the right thickness to prevent tearing when filling and they provide me with an excellent smoke when combined with the Cherokee Turkish Blend tobacco.

by Mark on 7/21/2014

The only tubes I will ever buy !!!


I use these every day.

by Thom on 10/31/2013

Marlboro ultra light good match


I started rolling and wanted a Marlboro ultra lt equivalent. Never realized how much the tubes make a difference. 1 roll with this tube and criss cross smooth and I found a near perfect match.

by Kir911 on 10/12/2013



So you thought smoking made you look cool? It does. But these make you look even more cool. Seriously everyone will want to bum a smoke from you.

by The Boy King on 7/15/2013

Well Thought


Worth the extra money. Very smooth clean smoke.

by Bflat on 8/20/2012

best i've found


These tubes work great with my machine a Gambler and have a VERY smooth draw.

by Outlaw on 11/1/2012

Very Nice Paper


Had to try these tubes just because of the uniqueness of the filter paper color(black) I have found a new tube that i will use from now on. These are great burn evenly draw nicely and cigarette puts out when you put it out instead of continuing to burn.

by joe62 on 7/12/2013

Another great RYO tube from Beretta


This tube is great just like the other Beretta Tubes. These tubes are lighter than the Beretta Orignal tubes but not by a whole light. they are stronger than a gambler or zigzag but lighter than a Zen.||I have tried zen gambler premier zig zag and top tubes. Of all of those beretta is by far the BEST.

by grandam88 on 5/10/2012

Beretta Elite King Tubes


They're nice tubes and a great value. They're paper is too thick for me. I can taste the burning paper with a light tobacco.

by aap on 12/28/2012

not received


I have not even received this shipment

by susan on 9/25/2014



I've been rolling my own cigarettes about five years now tried a lie of different tubes and Beretta tubes are one of the best I've tried I would recommend them to anyone

by Eric on 10/12/2014

Really good Really like them


Really good Really like them

by Clarence on 2/12/2015
Use Beretta Cigarette Tubes to Become an Elegant Smoker

Not all cigarettes are created equally. Even if you choose to roll your own smokes, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore refined products that could help you stand out from the crowd. The Beretta cigarette tubes enable you to do just that, mostly due to their black filter innovative design particularity. Aside from the fact that the Brand RYO Tubes/Paper represents the cool factor that you’ll want to have, they are also practical and eco-friendly. The oxidized papers ensure a richer taste and also produce a more natural, cleaner smoke. Zero chlorine means zero compromises. These Beretta cigarette tubes and paper are safer for you and the planet.

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