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Beretta Original King Cigarette Tubes 200ct Carton 5 Pack

Beretta Original King 5 Cartons

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Product Information
Beretta Premium Cigarette tubes have a black filter design that offers distinct appeal, as well as a 15% larger filter that sets them apart from their competitors. Next, to provide better taste, Beretta uses oxidized papers that produce a cleaner and more natural smoke. This not only improves the quality of taste, but by not using chlorine, they are much safer for our environment.
Brand: Type: RYO Tubes/Paper Manufacturer:
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by on

Love the Beretta tubes


These tubes are great and love the looks of the black filters on these. I will be buying more.

by Jason on 8/7/2014

bnb order


The red river is really fresh the order shipped fast and was packaged very well no tubes where crushed I will reorder without worry .... Thanks

by timothy on 6/28/2014

Beretta Original King


They are great

by carolyn on 5/29/2014



I have been buying Kentucky Select tobacco and the Beretta tubes. I am very happy with both products. The prices at BnB are great and and the service is even better.

by Larry on 5/8/2014

Beretta filter tubes


I have been using Beretta for some time, and find them to be an excellent product at a reasonable price.

by Warren on 4/17/2014

Very good tubes


Really easy to get on the roller, and easy to fix when my clumsiness dents the all up.

by Winston on 4/16/2014



I have tried many and the cost and ease filling them is great !

by Narce on 4/11/2014

Baretta Origional King Tubes


Good Product. Excellent Value. Love the black filters

by david on 3/9/2014

Beretta Original King


My tube of choice is the Zen Full Flavor. The Beretta Original King tubes draw like a "light" tube. Also, the black filter color takes some getting used to.

by Carl on 3/21/2014

Beretta Tubes



by Kathy on 10/26/2013

As Expected a fine product


I bought this product based on favorable information regarding its filter and paper quality. Comared to some other brands (Zen for exaple) these definitely appear to have better filter and paper. Others are impressed with the looks of the tubes but that is really a minor issue to consider.

by customer1 on 10/14/2013

Unique Clean burning affordable tubes!


Awesome looking affordable tubes haven't had one run on me yet. They are very unique so unique that people WILL notice you smoking them compliment your taste then tell you to pick all you butts off the work parking lot haha.

by johnny G on 9/19/2013

Low Price Best Value


Great value!

by T in VA on 9/19/2013

Won't purchase anything else!!!!!


I love this product! It's perfect for a women very classy!People ask me all the time where did you get those!

by Jersey Girl on 7/31/2013

great tubes great price


great product i highly recomend this

by wizardlockman on 7/21/2013

A little bit safer cig tube


I got the Beretta filters because they are the only ones I know of that don't use bleach to whiten their filters AND they don't use that awful "fire safe" paper that makes smoking harsher. I like the look of the black & silver exterior color of the filters too. I've bought my third round of five cartons of these filter tubes and will continue to use them. Also got my son to switch to them.

by FlGrandmother on 6/10/2013

Perfect Drag


I roll my own and this brand has a great even drag when smoking. I recommend highly. Comparable price to stores in my area.

by Skylightgirl on 5/6/2013

quality productgood price!!!


fast deliverygood quality

by dw5684 on 4/17/2013

Beretta Orginal king tubes


I firmly believe these tubes are wonderful ! Nice thick paper that don't just go out . the filters are sturdy. In all the Boxes of this brand I have only recieved two damaged boxes. and even though the boxes were damaged I was able to use over 3/4 of the boxes ! we order 10-20 boxes every other month. we use the Z top T2 machine and are very happy with these tubes.

by Mark on 9/28/2013

Great price with a unique look.


Good value on quality tubes. They have a different look and color that people always ask about.

by RJ on 5/5/2013

Not bad but too thick for me


I use Vera Cruz Midnight and Nocturnal as well as Zen. The paper in the Berettas just seemed thicker and had that paper taste.

by chasnsb on 5/15/2013

Great Product custom!


These filters are the very best in my humble opinion. They don't contain bleach but most importantly to me is they are biodegradeable!!! They look great and I've been asked several times where I get these I just tell people they're custom :P I've sent this product to several friends and recommend this highly!!!

by Fynness on 12/23/2013

Excellent choice!


I love the fact these filters don't use bleach! I went on holiday to Ft. Lauderdale and I was asked several times about my smokes. I said they were custom and gave out the website info :) People were amazed that these filters looked so good and were better for smokers. BNB should be getting a few more customers.. lol

by Fynness on 11/22/2013




by Terry on 8/14/2014

Top Quality Tubes


The Beretta Original Kings cigarette tubes are always top quality tubes. 100% well made. After a few thousand, I've never seen a single manufacturing defect. Makes rolling faster and easier not dealing with sub-par manufactured tubes. All at the cheapest possible price point when bought in the packs of five 200-tube cartons. The best value in RYO tubes.

by Brian on 8/30/2014

Beretta original king 5 tubes


I find them to be the best tube I've ever used on a normal machine load it doesn't restrict air flow like some I just prefer them over any other kind or brand keep up the good work

by Jonathan on 9/3/2014

To my Door,fast, affordable,easy.


glad for the selections and the price,The better tobacco shopping for me.

by john a. on 9/3/2014

Perfectly fine


No problems. Good price, fast delivery.

by sally on 9/20/2014

Awesome quality!


I LOVE these filters. I've never had issue with them. I am asked constantly what I've got. You won't be disappointed!

by Lorrie on 9/20/2014

Creating Drama


Beretta tubes are very dramatic. They make me look like I am smoking an expensive brand. They always cause talk. I say nothing. Why? If I tell everyone how great they are then my supplier will run out and I won't be able to get them. It is a great product. Their quality is consistent, they pack easily, and like I said; They add a little drama to my life.

by Jane on 10/6/2014

I have not received them yet


i have not received them yet

by emily on 11/1/2014

Overall BnB review


Your delivery seems to faster now - very good. I like the free matches but they are useless in damp weather. Instead of striking the end of the match smears against the flint. Can you get a better match?

by Carolea on 11/23/2014

Dr.Alex Demoor



by Alex on 12/4/2014

Beretta Original King 5 Cartons


Nice filters. They are a little better made than Zen so fewer problems when filling with a machine.

by Paula on 11/30/2014

Fine transaction


Thanks! No problems at all.

by sally on 1/21/2015




by Herbert on 1/31/2015

Beretta Tubes


I love that they aren't as harsh as most when using them thank you for the chance to try them.

by Shawna on 3/5/2015

RYO Machine Ready


Fits best on Powermatic RYO. I like better than Zig Zag tubes. Replacing Camel Turkish Royal and I like these tube filters better.

by Thomas on 2/19/2015
Use Beretta Cigarette Tubes to Become an Elegant Smoker

Not all cigarettes are created equally. Even if you choose to roll your own smokes, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore refined products that could help you stand out from the crowd. The Beretta cigarette tubes enable you to do just that, mostly due to their black filter innovative design particularity. Aside from the fact that the Brand RYO Tubes/Paper represents the cool factor that you’ll want to have, they are also practical and eco-friendly. The oxidized papers ensure a richer taste and also produce a more natural, cleaner smoke. Zero chlorine means zero compromises. These Beretta cigarette tubes and paper are safer for you and the planet.

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