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Elliot writes extensively about how to find the best cigars and wholesale pipe tobacco online from Vienna, VA. He carries forward the fourth generation of cigar enthusiastists in the Boudin family.

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Fight For the Children’s 2013 Fight Night

by Elliot December 5, 2013

A Boxing Smoker is an old term that basically referred to unsanctioned fights that would be held at local clubs, like a Moose Lodge. It also was noted for the heavy smoke haze that formed over the audience from the cigars and cigarettes. Fight Night 2013 was a great Boxing Smoker in every aspect. Fight […]

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Royal Gold Tasting

by Elliot October 29, 2013

Royal Gold Cigars are new, unique and taking the cigar market by storm. The company has tried their hardest to make sure every cigar smoker can try their creations. Royal Gold Cigars is based in Florida and they have concocted a variety of cigars with tobaccos grown in the Jalapa Valley, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic. […]

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E-Hookah’s are here!

by Elliot October 3, 2013

At roughly the size of a ballpoint pen, these little flavor filled smokes are super portable and can fit into your pocket.  Unlike a traditional hookah, which must stay in one location, e-hookahs allow the party to travel with you. We proudly offer Fantasia’s new line of E-Hookahs; a variety of flavors like 4 Play, […]

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An Introduction to Cigars

by Elliot June 7, 2013

Here is a quick history on cigars; the history, the process and fun facts! Enjoy this Friday’s read. Getting Started with Cigars – An Introduction  We all know the imagery associated with cigars; the powerful businessman or politician offering the finest rolled embargoed Havana stogie to an influential guest as a gesture of mutual profitable […]

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The Age Limit Debate on Purchasing Tobacco Products

by Elliot May 9, 2013

This is an interesting article written by Nicholas Bakalar, about the research conducted on the effects of possible age increases for tobacco sales. Debates center around the idea of raising the minimum age requirement from 18 years old to 21 in order to legally purchase tobacco products. What do you think about this argument? Read […]

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How to Restore Your Dried-Out Cigar

by Elliot May 8, 2013

Things You’ll Need  Safety pin Quart or half-gallon food storage bag Gallon-size food storage bag 2 damp sponges Humidor Use a safety pin to puncture 13-15 holes into a quart or half-gallon size food storage bag. Place the dried-out cigars into the punctured food storage bag and seal it. Place the smaller food storage bag […]

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Perdomo Habano Corojo Torpedo

by Elliot December 23, 2010

The Perdomo Habano Corojo Torpedo is a Nicaraguan Puro produced by the renowned Perdomo cigar brand and featuring tobacco grown out of Cuban seed (thus the “Habano” name, despite not being grown in Cuba). Perdomo’s longstanding tradition of excellence dates back to 1930 when founder Silvio Perdomo first began the art of cigar making. The […]

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