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Elliot writes extensively about how to find the best cigars and wholesale pipe tobacco online from Vienna, VA. He carries forward the fourth generation of cigar enthusiastists in the Boudin family.

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Top 10 Premium Cigar Brands (Part 1 of 2)

by Elliot Boudin July 27, 2012

Whenever new converts to cigar smoking ask me on online forums about which brands they should try, I usually ask them which they are familiar with and try to go from there.  And usually, the answers fall into one of two categories:  Cubans or the cheap gas station brands that you can get for next […]

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The Nightlife of the 2012 London Olympics

by Elliot Boudin July 24, 2012

At this year’s Olympic Games held in London, the nightlife will be as exciting as who is announced 1st place in each sport’s competition.  The British know how to celebrate in Olympic fashion by enjoying the rich pub nightlife, drinking vintage liquors and smoking their best cigars.  Even their most famous historical statesman, Winston Churchill, […]

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Cigars and Food, Food and Cigars That is the Question!

by Elliot Boudin July 18, 2012

One of the most controversial and hotly debated aspects of cigar-smoking is not so much the question of what food goes best with what type of cigar but whether or not cigars and food should even be mixed at all.  Some die-hard smokers and culinary buffs say that the two experiences negate each other and […]

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10 Great Ways to Enjoy a Cigar – Vote on your Favorite!

by Elliot Boudin July 16, 2012
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Just like the countless varieties of cigars ranging from flavors to intensity, there are a wide variety of reasons to enjoy a cigar. From life milestones to special occasions, cigars can make an event even more special. In this blog post we’ve listed ten special occasions for smoking a cigar. At the bottom of the […]

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Humidors – A Well Kept Humidor is the Key to a Great Smoke

by Elliot Boudin July 13, 2012

Setting up a new humidor always a challenge. You need to take several steps to ensure the quality of the humidor itself as well as the way it keeps in humidity and temperature. Freud once said, “Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar”. this may be true in many cases, but if kept in a […]

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How To Find Great Deals on Cigars and Tobacco Online

by Elliot Boudin July 9, 2012

With an immeasurable number of brands and varieties currently available, it is important that smoking connoisseurs purchase their cigars and tobacco at the lowest prices. BnB Tobacco is a discount online retailer offering a wide variety of cigars, tobacco, and accessories. Quickly search our huge warehouse of products for premium cigars, machine made cigars, or […]

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Hookah: A Fun, Relaxing Way to Hang with Friends!

by Elliot Boudin July 5, 2012
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My nephew, a college student, was sharing with me recently the newest craze he and his friends discovered one night while taking a break from their studies. It’s called Hookah and while it has been around for centuries and is popular in the Middle East, Westerners, in particular college students and young urban adults, are […]

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