RyJ by Romeo y Julieta – A Review By Ken York

by Ken York April 16, 2014

First a little background on myself and Romeo y Julieta Cigars. I used to smoke nothing – not cigars, cigarettes, or a pipe, then one of my sons in harm’s way over in the Mideast sent me two boxes of Cuban Romeo y Julieta cigars. Since he was still deployed over there I felt it [...]

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Will The Real Montecristo Cigars Please Stand Up

by Rick March 20, 2014

To many people; when you say the word “cigar” their minds think of Cuba; partly because; in our “Western” versions of history, Columbus “discovered” tobacco smoking when his fleet “discovered” the Caribbean island we have since named Cuba. Cuba does have a very real and legitimate claim to fame with true tobacco aficionados; the blending [...]

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How Do They Put The Flavor Into Flavored Pipe Tobacco?

by Rick March 18, 2014

Back in the days of clay and corn cob pipes; all that smokers really wanted was for their tobacco to stay alight so they could continue sucking in smoke (blowing it out into the faces of others wasn’t considered anti-social back then; let alone harmful to the health of the so called “passive smoker”). However, [...]

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Is Fantasia The Electronic Hookah A Sci-fi Movie Or A Computer Game?

by Rick March 14, 2014

Actually, it is neither (yet). A hookah is one of the popular names for a device thought to have originated in the Persian Empire; possibly even before tobacco was introduced there around the year 1600. As early as 1535, a Persian poet wrote a verse, about something very like a hookah, being used to produce [...]

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World Politics As Seen Through The Smoke From Oliva Cigars

by Rick March 11, 2014

At first glance, the history of Tabacalera Oliva Tabolisa  (known, here in the States as the Oliva Cigar Co.) appears fairly mundane. One Melanio Oliva grew tobacco and founded the company in Cuba in 1886; the company is still family owned; but, has moved its headquarters to Miami Lakes, Florida. It is what happened to [...]

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Where Do You Buy Phillies Cigars?

by Rick February 28, 2014

For the uninitiated among us, Phillies Cigars are an American cigar brand which originated around 1910 in Philadelphia from a company called Bayuk Cigars Inc. They were originally called Philadelphia Hand Made; but, after customers shortened the name to Phillies; the Buyuk brothers adopted Phillies Cigars as their brand name. The cigars still live on but [...]

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Can Anyone Tell Me The Difference Between An Ordinary & A Premium Electronic Cigarette?

by Rick February 26, 2014

Can Anyone Tell Me The Difference Between An Ordinary & A Premium Electronic Cigarette? OK; I confess upfront that I am a cigarette addict and have been for at least half a century; but, I still have no real idea on exactly why I smoke. I can only say that I do enjoy the habit. [...]

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