Java Cigars From BnB Tobacco

by David Nadel January 2, 2017

Java by Drew Estate for Rocky Patel cigars are unique and refined. The sweet and aromatic coffee scents make this an incredible treat for special occasions or for the devout coffee and cigar enthusiast. These cigars are reasonably affordable for the daily smoker; however, their uniqueness lends to the image of its being more of […]

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Top 3 Cigars From BnB Tobacco to Celebrate the New Year

by David Nadel December 31, 2016

Cigars come with a sense of style and a touch of class. Most tobacconists will agree that nothing beats a fine cigar in a great environment. The pleasure tagged along is undeniable. The New Year being around the corner, an excellent cigar will come in handy especially when enjoyed with friends. To mark the occasion, […]

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Cigar Samplers Are The Way To Go

by David Nadel December 24, 2016

Are you becoming completely overwhelmed by our extensive range of quality cigar brands and products? It’s not surprising! It can be confusing reading one delicious cigar description after the next. Just as you think that you’ve found the perfect cigar product, you come across another that looks and sounds equally tempting. Don’t stress! We have […]

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3 Benefits of Purchasing Machine Made Cigars

by David Nadel December 12, 2016

Most websites are stuck in the past, toting lies that confuse the consumer, convincing him that the only cigars worth buying are hand made cigars, but those bias misconceptions are currently being proven wrong. Here are three extremely real benefits to buying machine made cigars. 1. Respect Your Wallet People assume that because hand-made cigars […]

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Proper Ways to Store Your Smoking Pipes

by David Nadel December 6, 2016

Pipe smokers should endeavor to have a good storage space. The container you choose will depend on how long it will be before using the stored pipes. However, before you pick a container, you need to understand tobacco storage. Storage tips Moisture content of your tobacco may affect its smoke as well as taste. If […]

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Learn How To Smoke a Pipe

by Elliot September 29, 2016
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A Smoker’s Choice: Selecting the Perfect Cigar

by Elliot August 9, 2016

Any good poker player will tell you that one simple decision, made before a single card is dealt from the deck, is one of the most important elements to having profitable session. That decision is the table and game the player selects. I draw a parallel to the cigar smoking experience – the smoker’s choice […]

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