Humidors are Important for Cigar Storage

by David Nadel March 14, 2015

Smoking cigars are a great way to pass time for anyone who enjoys the flavor. They’re known to be associated with the finer things in life. It takes a certain individual to smoke a cigar, and some individuals smoke them only for special occasions, while others simply enjoy the taste and action of smoking. Whatever the […]

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The World of Sports and Cigars

by David Nadel March 12, 2015

Cigars and sports have been known to be joined together on many occasions. Whether it was in celebration after a victory, or seeing a famous current or former athlete smoking one, these two things have managed to go hand and hand. Is there anything in life more compatible than golf and cigars? While some may argue […]

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Are You Looking for Premium Pipe Tobacco?

by David Nadel March 10, 2015

It really doesn’t matter if you’re just starting to make your way into the world of pipe tobacco or you’ve been smoking this way for years. You see, there’s something about the pure delivery of a pipe that’s unlike anything else out there. Of course, you don’t want to use just any kind of tobacco. […]

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Top 5 Cigar Packs Under $40

by David Nadel March 8, 2015

Finding a good pack of cigars is a hard task, but finding cigars that’re under $40 is even harder. At BnB Tobacco, you could in fact find good quality cigar packs for under this price. Cigars like that can also be affordable to many people who enjoy their taste. In order of quality and reviews, the […]

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The Proper Way to Cut Your Cigar

by David Nadel March 6, 2015

Getting the most out of your cigar means you need to be able to properly cut off the tip to enjoy the aged tobacco. However, this needs to be done properly. Incorrectly cutting the cigar will result in you getting a less than ideal experience. Here’s the proper way in 3 steps to cut your cigar and enjoy […]

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The Complete Power of a Cigar Lighter

by David Nadel February 20, 2015

It has often been quoted that a wooden match is the best way to light a cigar. Probably this was true in the good old days, but with so many stylish and fashionable cigar lighters flooding the market, sticking to past fashions can be well, unfashionable. And with so many choices available, it could be […]

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The Various Sizes of Cigars

by David Nadel February 16, 2015

A proper hand-rolled cigar is an art form; each one a unique smoking experience. However, many popular cigars today are made by machine with high quality control standards in place. Cigars unlike cigarettes are to be enjoyed during a longer single sitting and savored instead of inhaled. There are over twenty individual styles of cigars according […]

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