The Characteristics of a Sweet Cigar

by David Nadel April 6, 2017

Smoking cigars is a choice of lifestyle that involves two senses; taste and smell, boosting the characteristics of a sweet cigar. The delightful flavors and quality start with the wrapper adding its own aroma, separate from the scent of the smoke. Depending on the maker of the cigar most sweet cigar wrappers are dark in […]

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There is an Art When it Comes to Enjoying Your Pipe

by David Nadel March 30, 2017

Enjoying the aroma of wonderful tobacco from a pipe, especially when you purchased it from BnB Tobacco is a timeless tradition. Generations upon generations have relaxed while enjoying a good smoke. For those new to smoking pipes, or are considering smoking them, one of the main causes of apprehension is whether or not they are […]

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Action Little Cigars Are Back In Stock!

by David Nadel March 24, 2017

Get more “action” out of your little cigar experience with Action Brand Little Cigars. These premium little cigars offer an outstanding smoking experience at a reasonable price, only $9.99 for a 200 count of our full flavor, gold (lights), or menthol. That is an entire dollar that you save when compared to the average retail […]

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Dark Dominican Rocky Patel Cigars

by David Nadel March 18, 2017

BNB Tobacco is proud to serve as a distributor for genuine Rocky Patel cigars. With their distinctive approach to packaging, bold development of filler blends, and obsessive attention to quality craftsmanship, Rocky Patel produces elite, modern cigars for a new generation of aficionado. The life’s work of their namesake, a former attorney who quit his […]

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Rigorously Testing Tobacco Leaves

by David Nadel March 12, 2017

Tobacco leafs are what go inside cigars in order for smokers to get their nicotine fix. There are numerous types of tobacco leaves, and each went through a unique process in order for it to be in the markets for cigar smokers to buy at Bnb Tobacco. Each tobacco leaf must face a series of […]

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The Ideal Cut Cigar for Your Smoking Pleasure

by David Nadel March 6, 2017

Smoking a premium cigar from BnB Tobacco can be a nice way to look like a pro cigar enthusiast, but getting the cut incorrect when first lighting a stogie can make things more difficult for an individual to smoke it effectively. Cutting the cigar head is important because it permits the smoke to pass through […]

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Taking The Right Puff From Your Cigar

by David Nadel February 28, 2017

How to Smoke a Cigar Correctly Smoking a cigar is done differently than smoking other tobacco products. If you are not sure how to smoke a cigar properly, here are some tips on the correct way to smoke a cigar. Picking the Right Cigar Picking the right cigar is the first step to smoking a […]

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