What To Look For in A Cigar Wrapper Leaf

by David Nadel March 30, 2016

In the real estate world, the mantra is: Location, Location, Location. In the world of cigar tobacco, location is important, but there is more to a wrapper than what kind of leaf it is, or where it was grown. Don’t misunderstand: these things are important, but there are other obvious things to look for in […]

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Don’t Chuck Those Dried Out Cigars: Re-Hydrate Them

by David Nadel March 28, 2016

At some point or another, every cigar smoker has neglected a stogie or two for a while, only to remember that they had it later. At this point, it’s fairly dried out and not smoke-able in current condition. Fear not – and toss not – You can re-hydrate those dried out sticks, we’ve the technology after […]

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Cigar Smoke Rings Tricks

by David Nadel March 27, 2016

One of the factors that separates the rookies from the pros when it comes to smoking cigars can be the little things like smoke tricks. There are a lot of cool smoke tricks out there, but most of them evolve from the simple smoke ring. We’ve all seen it: the cool guy at the bar […]

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Do Cigars Taste Better in the Salt Air?

by David Nadel March 12, 2016

Cigar smoking, for many, is a way to relax and unwind. A lot of it is mental peace while also enjoying the physical act of smoking itself. If you have ever smoked a cigar on the beach, you probably can (and have) related to others that it tasted better. You might not know why, it […]

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The Dos and Don’ts When Cleaning Your Humidor

by David Nadel March 9, 2016

Before you even start thinking about cleaning your humidor- Stop! Why are you thinking about doing it? Have you discovered mold on your humidor or cigars? Have you recently been the victim of a tobacco beetle infestation? Have you maybe used bad water to recharge your humidor and have scale buildup? Do you have a […]

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BnB Tobacco Spring Cigars You Wanna Have

by David Nadel February 27, 2016

When you think of Spring pairings, you might think cuisine, wine and maybe beer – why not cigars? Words that evoke the thought of spring might include light, bright, sweet, mild, and smooth, which are all great aspects of a cigar. There are several sticks out there that could be thought to embody the season: […]

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3 Things A Cigar Smoker Should Never Do

by David Nadel February 26, 2016

Smoking cigars is a passion, not a habit. It’s an enlightenment that takes pride, one with patience and etiquette. If you’re a person with experience then you are certainly aware of the technique used when savoring a cigar moment. On the other hand, if you are one who is just now tapping into your passion […]

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