What’re the Relaxation and Meditation Benefits of Smoking Cigars?

by David Nadel December 30, 2015

Many people are misinformed about cigar smoking. All they hear about is its negatives. However, this is not all true, cigar smoking also has its benefits. Particularly, when it comes to mental health, cigar smoking is known to be an excellent source of relaxation and meditation. If one is going through stressful events, cigars can […]

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A Real Brief History of the Cigar Box Opening Tool

by David Nadel December 27, 2015

Part of the fun as any cigar aficionado knows when it comes to smoking cigars is being able to use a tool to open the box. Using an opener is one of the best things to have when you’re looking for effective ways to open cigar boxes. And believe it or not, a cigar box opener […]

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Can the Time of Day or the Environment Affect Your Cigar?

by David Nadel December 26, 2015

Cigar smoking is always fashionable, it never gets outdated. It’s every cigar smoker’s wish to always have their cigars in a great condition and always have a great cigar smoking experience. However, in order to achieve this, cigar smokers should learn of the various factors that affect their cigars and experience. Time of Day One […]

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How Tobacco Curing is Done

by David Nadel December 24, 2015

Many individuals who like to smoke may have little knowledge how tobacco is actually produced, picked and cured. As most people know, tobacco is grown in a field. It’s then air dried, or sun dried in small barns or sheds to finish the curing process. This is one of the things that you will find […]

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Telling the Difference Between Figurado Cigars – Torpedoes, Pyramids and Belicosos

by David Nadel December 22, 2015

Despite what many people think, there are only two base types of cigars, these being the figurado and the parejo. The parejo is easily the most common and constitutes any cigar with a round head and even sides whereas the figurado is any other type of cigar. The three primary types of figurados are torpedoes, […]

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Cigar Tastes From Different Countries

by David Nadel December 19, 2015

There are many components that contribute to the flavor of a good cigar such as the tobacco variety, the soil and climate, curing, fermentation and aging as well as humidity. Different countries grow different types of tobacco and some may grow exceptional binder, another filler and still another may contribute the best wrapper. But the […]

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Top 3 Holiday Cigars From BnB Tobacco

by David Nadel December 11, 2015

Buying cigars for yourself is easy, you know what you like. It’s not too difficult to buy for your friends. When it comes to buying holiday cigars for the boss, important clients, or far away family things get a little trickier. Cigars are a lot like coffee or liquor, a million different blends, a blend […]

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