Where Do You Buy Phillies Cigars?

by Rick February 28, 2014

For the uninitiated among us, Phillies Cigars are an American cigar brand which originated around 1910 in Philadelphia from a company called Bayuk Cigars Inc. They were originally called Philadelphia Hand Made; but, after customers shortened the name to Phillies; the Buyuk brothers adopted Phillies Cigars as their brand name. The cigars still live on but [...]

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Can Anyone Tell Me The Difference Between An Ordinary & A Premium Electronic Cigarette?

by Rick February 26, 2014

Can Anyone Tell Me The Difference Between An Ordinary & A Premium Electronic Cigarette? OK; I confess upfront that I am a cigarette addict and have been for at least half a century; but, I still have no real idea on exactly why I smoke. I can only say that I do enjoy the habit. [...]

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Will Tobacco From An Online Store Be Fresh Enough To Smoke?

by Rick February 25, 2014

On line shopping is an accepted fact in today’s economy and, by and large, it has a good reputation for delivering goods to you in complete accordance with the product descriptions shown on the store’s web page (catalog). They are also well thought of for the speed with which they deliver your order to your [...]

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Swisher Sweet Little Cigars Prove You Don’t Have To Be Big To Be A Winner

by Rick February 21, 2014

Back in 1861, when David Swisher was driving his wagon team around the Midwest hauling along his mobile convenience store, accepting a small cigar company in settlement of a bad debt probably seemed no big deal. Little did he know that one day a future King Of England would be smoking his Swisher cigars and [...]

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Did Rembrandt Ever Smoke Any Dutch Masters Cigarillos?

by Rick February 18, 2014

Modern day Dutch in their native Holland, are known to have a liking for small cigars or cigarillos and a painting called “The Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild” (De Staalmeesters) painted by Rembrandt in 1662 does appear on the packaging for Dutch Masters Cigarillos. Could he have been enjoying Dutch Masters Cigarillos while painting? Unlikely [...]

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How to Pick a Good Cigar

by Rick February 7, 2014

So, you’re new to the world of cigars, and you naturally don’t want the tobacco shop to pull the wool over your head. Perhaps you’re tasked with purchasing cigars for a bachelor party, or a baby shower. Maybe you’re interested just for your own pleasure. But how do you choose? Here are some steps to [...]

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Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado – A Review by Ken York

by Ken York January 28, 2014

Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado BnB Price: About $13 a stick The Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado is excellent. I’m a sucker for a Figurado – the tapering on both ends gives it that unique look and feel. Just sitting on my table I can look at this cigar and know that I’m in for [...]

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