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Captain Black Pipe Tobacco

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Not everyone that smokes tobacco likes to do so with cigarettes or various forms of cigars. For these individuals we offer Captain Black Premium Pipe Tobacco. Once you purchase this premium pipe tobacco it will be very easy to see why Captain Black is the world's largest provider of pipe smoking blends and tobaccos. With a countless variety of tobacco to choose from: Full flavor, light, ultra-light, regular, and even royal blend pipe tobacco for those seeking a truly premium experience. Starting at only $34.99 for six 1.5 oz packages it is hard to match both the value and quality of this pipe tobacco product.

If you find yourself becoming a fan of Captain Black Pipe Tobacco then their selection of little cigars might be worth your time to check out as well. With flavors such as original, peach rum, sweet, vanilla, and cherry, these 200 count little cigars are perfect when you need a quick fix of Captain Black. With savings of up to $5.00 these top quality little cigars make the perfect addition to any order of Captain Black pipe tobacco.

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Customer Service

Based on 36 reviews

I had trouble placing my order. Customer Service placed it for me and the tobacco came through OK. Thank you.

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IT Manager

Based on 21 reviews

Product was received quickly and all was in order.

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The changes in Captain Black's Little Sweets

Based on 10 reviews

Not too pleased with changes in the Captian Black Little Sweets Cigars. New packaging not as attractive, and despite claims to the contrary, the cigars don't taste the same to me... even though they say nothing has changed. Remember... visuals help define taste or the perception of taste. A basic black package with cheap stripes is not going to taste the same as a boat on the water somewhere in the tropics with the name Jamaica Sweets. Get a clue Captain Black. And never fix what don't need fixing.

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Excellent Smoking

Based on 8 reviews

Captain Black is a great tobacco for those of us who love cloves but appreciate the milldness of a good cigarette. I thoroughly enjoyed this product. I will definitely buy more.

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quick delivery -excellent service

Based on 6 reviews

quick delivery -excellent service

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Based on 5 reviews


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great little cigar!

Based on 5 reviews

great little cigar!

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Great service, as usual.

Based on 5 reviews

great service, as usual.

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I will continue to purchase this product

Based on 4 reviews

I love the product and the price

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I orderd the wrong one but it was awesom

Based on 2 reviews

Delivery is excellent everytime

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