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BNB Tobacco carries the top brand of cigar wraps online, and with good reasons – their flavors are among the best. Don't take our word for it - try it for yourself and see. Carrying all the major brands, BNB Tobacco will be a great choice for your everyday consumption.

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Bought these Wet Mango ...

Based on 4 reviews

Bought these Wet Mango wraps just to try something different for a change. I had never tried flavored wraps before but these were pretty good. Mellow flavor, nothing overpowering, and they were easy to roll. Next time I don't think I'll buy a 25ct package before trying the flavor first, though. Checkout was simple and easy and the wraps shipped fast, although shipping was a little on the expensive side. But 25 wraps for roughly $10 is a really good deal, so all in all, I'm satisfied with the product and the website and I'll definitely be buying from here again.

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These taste so good! I ...

Based on 3 reviews

These taste so good! I love using them with my cheaper stuff because it covers up any imperfections in the taste. However, the blueberry flavor is very strong and I won't use it with any high-quality tobacco. I'm going to order another flavor to see if something else would be better when I don't want a blueberry taste.

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Good by for the money

Based on 2 reviews

I think this is a good by for the money. All the flat raps are a good deal.

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I must say that the ...

Based on 3 reviews

I must say that the blueberry is not my favorite, but I don't hate it. There is definitely a lot of flavor, which I'm sure blueberry lovers would appreciate. These are really good blunts. The wrappers were smooth and stayed in tact. There was also a good, long burn. You really cannot beat the price you get for 25 of them. I've decided to order the Strawberry Banana flavor next time.

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These wraps are very ...

Based on 4 reviews

These wraps are very flavored, compared to an XXL wrap for example, and they should be as they cost the same price as an XXL wrap, but are barely over half the size, so roll much smaller cigars, however these wraps are also a bit thicker, but because they are very moist can stick to the tube or themselves sometimes, leading to useless products. Combining these product with Super Value's "chocolate" tobacco leads to a very pleasant and rich chocolate taste and aroma. I have deducted 2 stars because these wraps have defects (stuck to tube, folded backwards and stuck to self, etc) more often than XXL wraps, and because they are the same price as XXL wraps while being much smaller.

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