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Juicy Blunt Cigar Wraps

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Get a Burst of Flavor with Juicy Cigar Wraps Juicy cigar wraps are some of the most flavorful and great tasting wraps in the world. These smokes are made in the Dominican Republic, using a secret process that gives them their superb flavor. If you want a smoke that is delicious and moist, it doesn’t get any better than Juicy! Made with a trademarked triple-dip flavoring process, they are simply unmatched in quality, taste, and price. Juicy has tons of tantalizing flavors that include but are not limited to orange overload, brass monkey, mango papaya, tropical passion, raspberry, and peach cognac. Browse the different types that are available, and you will be sure to find a flavor that suits your palate.

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great product, fast shipping

Based on 1 review

Orders are easy to do, prices are good, product ships quickly.

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Based on 1 review

Favorite juicy wrap sweet

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My wrap of choise

Based on 1 review

Very happy with this flavor and brand it's my favorite.

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dont like

Based on 1 review

Dont like them they break to fast wish i can get my money back

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