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Al Capone Cigars and Al Capone Cigarillos

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Al Capone cigars are named after the infamous gangster of the 1920s who was from Chicago. These cigars, like Al Capone, may be short in stature but give the best bang for the buck. They are medium to full-bodied and have a satisfying, pleasing flavor.

These cigars provide a short smoke with a sweet taste. Al Capone cigars put off a succulent aroma that will please everyone. Made of Nicaraguan and Brazilian tobacco leaves, these cigars are carefully wrapped in a Bahia wrapper, giving them a sweetened taste.

Al Capone cigars are a great choice for the on-the-go smoker. They are quick and tasty without compromising on quality. These cigars are affordable enough to smoke every day, and are great to give as gifts. Bring Al Capone cigars to a party and you will be the new favorite person.

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