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Clipper Brand Cigars

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When you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, Clipper Filtered Cigars will never let you down. These smooth, long-lasting cigars are available in a wide variety of flavors, are perfect for any mood that you are in, and are always the right price.

Among the flavors to choose from are: Full Flavor, Robust, Lights, Menthol, Cherry, Grape, Strawberry, Peach, Vanilla, Clove

Clipper is the original when it comes to filtered little cigars, manufactured with pride by Texas-based Global Tobacco, LLC. Offering a mild flavor and a pleasant aroma, Clippers are the favorite alternative to cigarette and cigar smokers alike. Crafted with only the highest quality tobacco and infusions, you will see why smoking Clipper is an experience the moment you open the pack.

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Best deal

Based on 2 reviews

Got to love them ! Fresh and good value

View Clipper Cigarillos Blueberry 4x15 details...

Great people

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Had a backorder and didn't get informed right away due to the holiday, so I called to get a tracking # and see where my order stood.. They said sorry 2 of my things where not in stock, I explained I needed them next day regardless even if I had to pay for overnight shipping, the kind lady believe it was jenn/jenny something like that put me on hold and got permission to send my order overnight on them no exspenses to me.. Very kind.. I order a lot of stuff and first time this happened and they well made up for it.. Thanks again ttys

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Clipper Black Voodoo

Based on 1 review

Satisfying draw and aroma. Always fresh. A very good little cigar for the price

View Clipper Cigarillo Black Voodoo 4x15 details...


Based on 1 review

How many sweets are in this box?

View Clipper Cigarillos Grape 4x15 details...

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