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Dutch Masters Cigars and Cigarillos

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Dutch Masters is America’s number one preferred choice in cigars, and has been sold in country since 1911. Dutch Masters are known for their smoothness, mature flavors, mild aroma and very comfortable burn. Dutch Masters have a very large selection of flavors that will suit even the most acquired tastes.

The quality that is Dutch Masters come from the tobacco, a Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed wrapped in Cameroon wrapper leaves. Dutch Masters cigars are for the knowledgeable and critical cigar smokers that want their cigars made from the finest and most mature tobacco available.

The rich history of Dutch Masters means that today the company has acquired an unsurpassed expertise in cigar making. If you want nothing but the best, made by one of the original pioneers in the market, Dutch Masters is the choice for you.

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Dutch Masters Presidents

Based on 7 reviews

One of my three most favorite and enjoyable smokes. Smooth and flavorful with an easy draw.

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speedy service from purchase to home

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product always fresh.

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Green Palma is the one....

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After a long search of many types and brands (and a lot of cash) Green Palma is the victor. Nice subtle sweet flavor very smooth and very well made with great draw. Not over sweet like I have had. I liked it because I didn't have the long lasting; cat just used my mouth as a litter box after taste I experienced with other expensive "premium" cigars. I finally found a cigar that I feel comfo

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Happy Groupon customer!

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Please run the deal permanently! :D

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