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Good Times Cigarillos | Discounted Machine Made Cigars

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Good Times a top-secret blend of exotic, diverse tobaccos that are premium grade and deliver a scrumptious flavor.

These cigars are machine-rolled into a small shape that you can purchase in an economical box of 60 small cigars. They also come in 20 packs of five cigars.

When smoking this mild-flavored cigar, you can expect an aromatic and sweet smoke offered in two flavors: Sweet and Grape. These cigars are flavorful, can be enjoyed daily and are perfect for any time of the day or night.

Good Times cigars are well constructed and easy to light. They offer an effortless draw and a well-balanced burn. These cigars are perfect for a short smoke on a daily basis.

always great service

Based on 1 review

fast shipping, reliable, i'm a satisfied customer

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Great Variety, Great Pleasure

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Cherry Cigs are good. I also ordered Pineapple and Peach Cigarillos too. I love the variety that BnB offers in lower priced cigars. I get offers from Thompson cigars all the time for free shipping. Problem is their prices are higher and the variety is much less. Go BnB your the best!!!!!

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The best ones!!!!!

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These are really good and the best ones they have.

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si bacon

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Better than I could have imagined.

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