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Machine Made Cigars

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BnB Tobacco carries the largest and most diverse offering of domestic machine-made cigars and cigarillos on the web! Popular brands such as Swisher Sweets, Black & Mild, Phillies, Dutch Masters, Garcia y Vega, Game, Backwoods and more are available at your fingertips with low prices and a variety of discount specials every day. For those wishing to sit back and enjoy their favorite tobacco products, you will not find a wider selection of machine-made cigars than the selection at BnB Tobacco. Be sure to check out our huge selection of accessories and other tobacco products to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your favorite machine-made cigars!

Dayal from New Zealand.

Based on 7 reviews

Great way for us to buy great products that are not available here in NZ. Took a bit longer than expected to arrive, but that is something I can plan for in the future. Many thanks.

View White Owl New Yorker 50ct Box details...

great sale

Based on 6 reviews

I had no problems and fast delivery

View White Owl Demi Tips 5x10 Pack details...

Zig Zag "Straight up"

Based on 3 reviews

This is a fine and consistent smoke. Never had one with a defect.

View ZIG ZAG Cigarillos Straight 30ct details...

Thank you!!

Based on 2 reviews

Easy to order and great delivery time....

View White Owl Cigarillos Gold 2x30 details...

Great quality - coming back

Based on 2 reviews

Doing well - love the small box of matches for making a second purchase. With incentives like those - I'll keep coming back.

View White Owl Cigarillos White Grape Bx details...

Nice Cigar

Based on 2 reviews

Great size and taste for an enjoyable smoke

View ZIG ZAG Cigarillos Grape 30ct details...

White Owl

Based on 1 review

Big value in a little smoke. Very tasty!

View White Owl Cigarillos Black 2x30 details...

Surprisingly smooth cigar

Based on 1 review

This cigarillo has replaced the more expensive cigars I used to smoke. To my surprise it is as good tasting as a long leaf good quality cigar. There is no bitter end or bad after taste. Goes great with wine or brandy. The only thing I do not like is that the tobacco falls out at the mouth end so that a tip is absolutely necessary for me otherwise I end up with pieces of tobacco in my mouth.

View White Owl Cigarillos Black Box details...

Love the 2 pack deal

Based on 1 review

Love the 2 pack deal freakin awesome!!!

View White Owl Cigarillos Grape 2x30 Pk details...

I would buy this product again and again

Based on 1 review

Cigars are always fresh.

View White Owl Invincible 50ct Box details...

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