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CAO Brand Cigars

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CAO cigars are the products of C.A.O. International, Inc., which is now a premium brand division of General Cigar. C.A.O.’s premium cigar-making history began with the Maduro (launched in 1998). There are over twelve regular CAO cigar lines, each of which has been graded 90 points (the outstanding grade) or above by Cigar Insider and Cigar Aficionado.

Since 1998, CAO brand has become a benchmark for comparing other cigar brands. Its different cigar lines have become known for their innovative tobacco blends, delighting cigar lovers the world over. CAOs are offered in over a dozen blends from more than ten countries.

There is a CAO cigar to please any palate, from the intense Brazilians to the mild CAO Gold, the wildly popular Flavours cigar line, and the CAO Flathead. This innovative brand continues to challenge itself with inventive new products such as the CAO Flathead, while its established lines have won a devoted following of cigar aficionados.

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Easily one of the finest ...

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Easily one of the finest flavored cigars I have ever had. I can't wait to enjoy another one with a cup of rich coffee to offset the creamy vanilla undertones and sweetness of the exotic fruit. The flavor comes through in a delectable wave of soft smoke that leaves you yearning for another mouthful.

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Last year for Christmas, ...

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Last year for Christmas, I bought a 10 count tin of CAO Flavour Bella Vanilla cigars from BnB Tobacco as a gift for my husband. My main motivation was getting a practical gift at a reasonable price but I also liked the fact that they come in a cute little tin that can be reused. It turned out to be his favorite gift because he really likes the rich vanilla flavor. However, we both like the fact that they do not stink like regular cigars instead they smell like someone just sprayed vanilla air freshener in the area.

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Are you ready for some ...

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Are you ready for some Dominican cigars? Most people like the cigar products that come from this country. I know that I certainly do. This particular variety is a mild cigar that has a chocolate flavoring to it. It has almonds, honey, and raisins flavors that are brimed into it just to name a few. The tin that these cigars comes it make them easily accessible to you anytime you feel that you would like to smoke one. This is one of the most appealing things about them to me personally.

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Luv them as a special treat on the weekends

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Nice little surprise

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I would buy these again for any occasion!

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Great product, Great quality

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Great little cigar, awesome flavor and a favorite among the women.

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Thanks for the speedy ...

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Thanks for the speedy order. My Moontrance Pet Corona vanilla flavoured cigars are the best ever. From the design to the attention to detail, the cigars are all that I have come to love and respect about CAOÕs cigars. It has a great blend and taste that make it truly heavenly. I give these cigars, 10 out of 10. Great website too! Easy to use and rather simple layout, I didnÕt get lost. In fact, I was able to order and have this delivered in no time at all. That is really superb considering that I just ordered a box of CAO Flavours Moontrance Pet Corona cigars.

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Thanks for the great info ...

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Thanks for the great info dog I owe you biiggty.

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This is a Great Flavoured ...

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This is a Great Flavoured cigar, the best I ever had... I only smoke flavoured cigars because my wife dont like the smell of the regular cigars. It has a very sweet creamy taste and a wondelful vanilla aroma that dont bother the people around you...not harsh at all.. the only reason I didnt give 10 stars is because the petit coronas burn very fast and hot. I recommend the coronas or the robusto.

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