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CAO Cigars and Pipe Tobacco

Producer of some of the top lines of premium cigars, CAO has been in the business since 1964. Cano A. Ozgener’s love for tobacco and accessories started as a hobby as he would modify imperfect meerschaum pipes. This hobby quickly turned into a fully functioning, tobacco company. He went on to have multiple lines of premium cigars, pipe tobacco, pipes and other cigar accessories before selling the company to Scandinavian Tobacco Group. Although, the Ozgener family is still a large part of the company as Cano’s son is President of the organization.

CAO’s premium lines now include Brasilia, Colombia, Flathead, Flavours and more. CAO pipe tobacco has also been ranked highly among premium pipe tobacco smokers.

Based on 19 reviews

Great Deal on a Smoke

Based on 4 reviews

I am a big fan of CAO. In the past I have purchased these cigarillos individually from my local smoke shop. When I noticed the great price at BnB, it was a no brainer. I was a little disappointed in the consistency. Some of these were a little hard to draw and the flavor was not as consistent as the individuals I purchased in the past. Overall, I probably wouldn't purchase this flavor again but I would definitely shop with BnB again.

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great value

Based on 3 reviews

product arrived in good condition great value for the price

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Great productGreat quality

Based on 2 reviews

Good quality cigar great flavor and a favorite among the women.

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My Favorite

Based on 1 review

I smoke perhaps one or two cigars a day. I do not inhale. I just enjoy the flavor. The CAO Moontrance is my all time favorite flavored cigar. It also has the best aroma of all the cigars I regularly smoke. I enjoy setting on our front porch as the sun is setting while sipping a glass of port or a Rob Roy (ok so i have been around awhile). If I am smoking a Moontrance you can bet my wife wil

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Great service, selection, and a groupon too

Based on 1 review

Not sure I'd have purchased without the groupon - their prices are on the high end of the scale for many items i would use. It would also have been nice if pipe tobacco and other things were included. Having said that, the order arrived very promptly, exactly as described, and the cigars were very well cared for while in the hands of BnB - smokable right off the truck, as they say. Thanks.!

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Based on 1 review

Luv them as a special treat on the weekends

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Gold Honey Cigarillos

Based on 1 review

Very disappointed in this Cigar and won't be buying it again. The cigar smells like and tastes like hay. I like flavored smooth cigars and this one was not a hit with me

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