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Davidoff Brand Cigars

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Davidoff cigars have been known for excellence since their early beginnings in Cuba. From 1946, these cigars were manufactured in Cuba for over 40 years. During this period, they established a reputation that made them highly sought after by the cigar-smoking elite. Davidoff cigars are produced in the Dominican Republic today, where the manufacturing facility was relocated in 1990 after a dispute in Cuba.

The quality of the cigars has not suffered from the move. Meticulous care has ensured this brand remains among the most sought after by connoisseurs. It uses tobacco aged for four years to produce rich blends showcased in the six distinctive Davidoff cigar lines.

A smoker of any experience level can appreciate the products of this brand. From the robust Millennium to the mild Classic series, there is something for every smoker to enjoy. Davidoff cigar samplers offer those unfamiliar with the brand a chance to sample its wide range.

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When you just need to ...

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When you just need to relax and unwind, but only have a few minutes to do so, these Davidoff Mini Cigarillos are the perfect choice. They are small little cigars that you can savor and enjoy in less than 10 minutes. No wasting your expensive cigars or dealing with ash and smoke because you didn't want to waste it. Take a quick smoke break that transports you back to days when men were men and cigars were to savor. Then get back to work with a refreshed mind and body.

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Shopping on the BNB ...

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Shopping on the BNB Tobacco website has always been a synch, and this did not change with my Davidoff Churchill Tubos purchase. The actual listed priced was five dollars less than the retail price, which is a nice savings, especially when purchasing more than one bundle at a time. The website also provided every bit of information I could look for right in the product information listing, from the ring gauge to the filler type. I have always been satisfied with the entire purchase process on the BNB Tobacco website, along with the fine quality products carried, including Davidoff Churchill Tubos.

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very good cigarillos a very good price

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very good product very good price

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good smoke

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great everyday smoke-perfect for golfing

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Davidoff Long Panatela ...

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Davidoff Long Panatela Cigarillos are the best! Smooth and natural, they are not as harsh as other cigarillos. I love lighting up after a good meal and relaxing with a great smoke. They even smell great, which means my wife doesnÕt complain about me smoking them on the porch. There is nothing better than watching the stars come out with a good tasting smoke in my hand. Lighting up a Davidoff Long Panatela Cigarillo means that I get to relax and watch the world go by!

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This a great mild cigar ...

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This a great mild cigar and is great as both a gift and a treat to yourself. Not only was the taste great, but it has a great smokiness as well. This is an all-around great buy and I would definitely buy more than one, you won't regret it. You will not be disappointed with these premium cigars, they're great and worth the price. The buying experience was also great; checking out was easy and I'm thoroughly satisfied. I will be back.

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The package that these ...

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The package that these cigars came in was simply different and really set it apart from the competition for me . The cigars are individually contained in aluminum tubes and wrapped together in a square formation, which is different than I have seen any other cigars packaged before now. Upon opening one of the cigars I was greeted with a very aromatic and pungent smell. It seemed to go perfect with a glass of wine or a shot of wisky on the porch of a warm summer night. I did put it out halfway to finish the rest later and was pleased to still find the taste pleasant even after relighting the cigar, which isn't usually typical.

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When smoking cigars, I ...

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When smoking cigars, I want to smoke the finest cigar I can for the most affordable price. I found this cigar in the Davidoff Club Cigarillos. They are an exquisite cigar that does not break the bank by purchasing them, although I would like for the box to be bigger and hold more cigars.

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Tabacalera Perdormo's ...

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Tabacalera Perdormo's Champagne Churchhill new premium cigars hearkens back to a darker time when the world was engulfed in the flames of a World War. At least that's what the user thinks when he sees the name 'Churchill' on the box. The 25 cigars are a high quality tobacco product that lets the user celebrate almost any occasion. He just needs to make sure that he has the right match to light the cigars. I got the product quickly from BnB tobacco. The box was in good condition and the product was as the ad described it. Shipping was reasonably priced as well.

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