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El Rey del Mundo Cigars

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El Rey del Mundo cigars from BnB Cigars are assuredly a must-try for any cigar lover. These premium cigars are medium to full bodied with impeccable construction, great draw and a natural flavor with a complex blend of fine tobacco.

First produced in Havana in the year 1848, El Rey del Mundo cigars are rolled by hand in Honduras. Created with a combination of Honduran, Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos with Honduran binders and two options for wrappers, these cigars boast a rich and spicy flavor with an easy draw.

The El Rey del Mundo cigar is for any type of smoker – a beginner looking to try a classic or a practiced smoker who wants an amazing stogie. Arguably one of the finest Honduran cigars on the market, it will take just one puff from an El Rey del Mundo cigar and you’ll be hooked.

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El Rey Del Mundo....Great cigar

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A great tasting cigar from start to finish.

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Good deal

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i received them in a timely fashion. And it was exactly what I wanted

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