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Genuine Counterfeit Cuban Cigars

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BNB Tobacco’s Genuine Counterfeit Cuban cigars are an amazing experience that can’t be beat. While you may never have the chance to try a real Cuban cigar, you can get the next best thing at an excellent price.

These cigars use Nicaraguan ligero and viso tobacco, which is quite potent and gives them a distinctive and spicy bite that you won’t soon forget. They are wrapped in a rosado Ecuador Sumatra leaf that gives them a silky and soft smoking experience. With the base of Cuban-seed seco included, these cigars have a taste you won’t find elsewhere.

The combination of all of the different elements works so well that you won’t believe how affordable these cigars are. Once you have tried your first box, you’ll be a fan for life. Hand these out at the next bachelor party you attend and you will be the hero of the night.

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Genuine Counterfeit Cubans

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Rather than smoke while I'm doing something else I take a few minutes to light up in late afternoons with a cup of coffee on the front porch. It's relaxing because these cigars burn evenly and don't keep going out. I like them because they have a good tobacco flavor and are long enough to relight if I have to step away for a few minutes.

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Genuine Counterfeit Cubans - Are they?

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Go get these as I have had the real thing and they are very similar and made excellently. Great burn and great taste I really enjoy how long they last as I have had some that burn too fast but not these.

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good order service

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good pardon imitation but less expensive. Always draws like pardon and has taste.

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