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Lucero Cigars

Lucero premium cigars are some of the best Nicaraguan cigars offered in the tobacco industry. These medium-bodied cigars are handmade and offer a full flavor that is sure to please the palates of both men and women.

These premium cigars offer a delightful coffee taste in the beginning that transitions slowly into a subtle citrus taste. There is no harsh or acidic aftertaste so you can count on a smooth finish.

Lucero cigars are offered in three different wrappers that include a Connecticut, Maduro, and a Habano. These cigars are tightly packed for an easy and consistent burn. The exquisite aroma of a Lucero cigar will please even a non-smoker.

These cigars also offer a smooth draw that is lush and creamy. Lucero cigars are not overpriced, and therefore offer a lot of value for the money.

Available Series: Classic | Split Packs |