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Santiago cigars take their name from the very special region of the Dominican Republic from which they come. Santiago is famous for its cigars, and Santiago cigars are among its best. These fine, handmade cigars bring abundant pleasure at a very reasonable price.

The flavor of these highly recommended cigars is reminiscent of tropical forests: earthy and woody. Their sweet, smooth aroma is mild, yet invigorating as the breezes in the high mountains surrounding Santiago.

It is rare to find a cigar that is both high in quality and affordable. Santiago cigars are just that. Their low price belies their deep flavor and rich fragrance.

It has been said that cigars from the Dominican Republic are on a par with Cubans. The loving attention to detail that goes into the making of each Santiago cigar ensures its smoker an easy, satisfying experience.

Based on 4 reviews

Good cigar - great price!

Based on 2 reviews

I recently received my order of 3 bundles of 20 and am quite happy with the purchase. I friend sent me a Groupon which saved me a lot on the purchase - which made it even better.

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nice and mello

Based on 1 review

beautiful is truly mild with no tounge bite etc. would have given 5 stars if you could get it in a smaller diameter. TRY ONE. I will be ordering more of these.

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First Cigar

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This was the first cigar I ever smoked. Bought it because I had some money left over on my Groupon after I bought my pipe. Like I said, I had never smoked a cigar before and this one was surprising enjoyable. I would recommend it to other new smokers.

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