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Clipper Solid Lighter

Clipper Solid Lighter

Retail: $3.99
You Save: $2.00
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Clipper lighter for $.99 with purchase of any Southern Steel bag!
Product Information
Need a good lighter at a great price? These Clipper Lighters are outstanding when needing a light for an unforgetable smoke.
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Never received any of my


Never received any of my $60.00 order..its. Been over 2 months since my Credit card was debited..! Still NO SMOKES!

by on

Clipper Lighter


Works fine as a lighter. Haven't figured out how to use the other functions yet!

by Kenneth on 5/10/2014

Clipper Solid Lighter


Good lighter for the price. Last a long time.

by Richard on 4/25/2014

superior product


good solid dependable lighter.lights first timr every time. and has a decent life span.

by steve on 4/16/2014

Decent, inexpensive lighter


I like the fact that I can change out flints as well as refuel it with butane at home. I dislike throwing a perfectly useable item away because of a fuel issue. I use it to light our gas grill and it works fine.

by Darryl on 3/28/2014

Clipper lighter review


Not a bad lighter, but can only be refilled with Lotus Butane gas sold by B & B. I've ordered several of these lighters in the past, and a few have already stopped wotking completely. I feel like I wasted my Butane gas, after filling them, only to find out they no longer work.

by Catherine on 4/30/2014

guess, what I expected


The first one I used worked good for a little while then I had to try to light it 3-6-9 times so it's still in my car as an emergency, the second worked very well for quite a while until the part you flick fell off. on my third and working fine so far. Think I could had done just as good if not better buying the disposable lighters from the store. Sorry, nothing special.

by David on 4/28/2014

Good value


Was welll pleased that it is refillable.

by Mr. Responsable on 9/27/2013



a lighter is either bad or not too goodor it is better or great .this lighter is top of the line.good for everyday and good enough to find a replacement when it disappears.

by sammy s. on 4/8/2013

nice job


works like a charm

by dam6238 on 4/3/2013

Good Lighter


Works well gives good flame for lighting cigars.|Can't find instructions how to change flint

by Garlandjp on 4/2/2013

Clipper Solid Lighter is Great!!!


Very pleased with the quality of these lighters. They work every time. Wish I'd known though that you MUST use only Clipper gas so that I could have included some with my order.

by CathyM on 6/24/2012

Pretty good cigar or cigarette lighter


The clear plastic lets you view how much fuel is left.|Would be a good cigar lighter at about 1/2 the cost.

by txnasn60 on 5/3/2013

It's a lighter.


It's a lighter. I don't think it's anything special at all. The shape of it might have something to do with rolling your own but I can't read the instructions because they are printed way to small. Again it's just a lighter.

by Kev on 4/2/2013

Clipper Lighter for 99 cents


My Clipper was not in use and popped it's top; scared me and i thought it exploded. Nothing good to say about it.

by truthseeker on 4/12/2012



I like the fact that it is refillable and you can change the flint, a good savings over the bic lighters I used to buy.

by Ronald on 9/8/2014
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