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Criss Cross Original Flavored Pipe Tobacco 16oz Bag

Criss Cross Original Pipe 16oz Bag

Retail: $19.99
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Product Information
Criss Cross Original Pipe Tobacco 16oz is a medium cut smooth tobacco. A great domestic tobacco at a great price offered by SX Brands.
Brand: Type: Pipe Tobacco Manufacturer:
Country of Origin: United States Strength: Full Flavor: Natural
Packaging: Bag
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Like Marlboro! but don't expect too much


This product is pretty good for RYO. Only thing you you gotta check tobacco before rolling. Could be some small wood parts and maybe too big tobacco leaves outthere. Also you may need to cut this product with knife. Just a little bit playing with knife on the desk. You'll see.

by on

Great smooth ryo tobacco


This is an excellent tobacco I have tried Gambler Gold(Too light) 4 Aces Regular(too harsh) and Largo regular(bad after taste). i use a light tube and this product is perfect and smooth and my non smoking friends aren't as offended from the nice aroma. In any product above that i listed still all of them beat the dry nasty crackling throat burning cigarette at the store. BTW i used to smoke mar

by G.W on 4/1/2012

Great product


Great product

by Catherine on 9/28/2014

Criss Cross Original Pipe 16 oz bag


Thank you very much. Greatly enjoying this. We have decided to go through BnB Tobacco for all of our tobacco needs in the future. speedy service, excellent packaging, and good prices make BnB our choice.

by Robert on 10/18/2014

Roll your own


Good consistent tobacco, I use a coffee grinder in short bursts to grind it to smaller pieces, it's easier to roll. Just don't make snuff out of it.

by J C. on 3/19/2014

great service


You all great people to work with

by wanda on 11/7/2014

i received the wrong tobacco


i received the wrong tobacco it wasnt crisscross . it was ohm lol

by robin on 11/23/2014

Still Ordering Criss Cross After All These


I have been receiving Criss Cross for the past several years and love the mellowness of the product. Not only is the quality there, but the it's very reasonably priced. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

by Corky on 2/12/2015

Cross cut


works great and taste good

by Ronald on 1/31/2015

Great tobacco


This is great tobacco at a great price

by Michael on 7/12/2014

Crazy about Criss Cross


We have been ordering Criss Cross pipe tobacco for years from BNB Tobacco and have been very happy with our orders. Great smelling and smoking, great price too and deliveries have been on time. You can count on us to continue our orders with you.

by Corky on 6/4/2014

Great deal


It is a great deal when you guys offer free shipping.

by Chris on 4/30/2014

Criss Cross Original Blen


Seams like it is getting ground real fine. It was better when it was most courser. The way it is now, the fire falls off Easley and have to be careful when smoking.

by Ronald on 5/31/2014

Great Product and Company


Enjoy Criss Cross product

by Criss Cross App on 12/5/2013

Save Money and Roll Your Own


The wife and I roll our own. Great product and it saves us money.

by Chris Faulk on 9/27/2013

High Quality Tobacco


I make cigarettes for tow other people and never had any trouble with the tobacco from Criss-Cross|Always fresh and stays fresh in its pouch.

by Tiger on 5/11/2013

Good quality & service.


So far nothing negative to say. Keep up the good quality & service

by The Raider on 5/4/2013




by CAPITALCOWBOY on 4/19/2013

Good stuff in a Pouch


Been guying tobacco for over a year now and never had a bad pouch yet. Love the service we get.

by Tiger on 4/18/2013

Smoothest Cigarette Tobacco


Smoothest tobacco I have found. I roll my own cigarettes not only because it's more affordable but most importantly it does not contain the harsh chemicals found in store bought cigarettes. This site is awesome with the low prices and ship to your door service! I highly recommend this company!

by Texas Rose on 4/4/2013

From a Former Marlboro Red Smoker


I use Criss Cross in a machine that inserts it into cigarette tubes. I was a Marlboro Red (short) smoker and this recaptures all the flavor that I enjoyed and adds a measure of flavor over and above.

by Jim on 8/20/2012

You Tube convinced me to BNB


Considering I live out in the boonies BNB manages to get my delivery to me safe and sound and just about in time for my smokes to run out. Very reliable and a satisfying product to boot.

by Corky on 5/7/2012

Low prices fast shipping


Great low prices and super fast shipping!

by Cathy on 4/17/2012

Good Stuff


Good Stuff

by Ditch B on 11/22/2013

Good Tobacco


I enjoy this tobacco.It is very consistant.This is important when I have tried other brands that are hit and miss on flavortexturemoisture or dryness.You can depend on Criss Cross.

by Vikki on 10/1/2013

Quality tobacco with proper moisture.


A quality tobacco with proper moisture in it. The delivery is excellent. I'll continue to use this for a long time.

by Chris on 5/4/2013

Great Taste! Quality?


If they'd get rid of the proliferation of sticks stems and what look like seeds this tobacco would control the ryo/myo market; it's that good. Great cut very slight and very appealing sweetness. Perfect to replace Marlboro or Winston. Lose the fillers and jack the price a bit if you have to. We will come!!

by yooper7 on 5/4/2013

Criss Cross Tobacco


I roll my own cigarettes and Criss Cross Tobacco is great for rolling.

by Tiger on 10/30/2012

Satisfied Customer


Shipping prices are in line. That's why I moved to BnB. Last place shipping kept going up and got completely out of line.|Wish BnB carried cigarette rolling papers.

by Hoot on 5/1/2012

Quality pipe tobacco


I bought this brand since my hubby needed a milder smoke. Once I smelled it rolled a few of his saw how his bag had barely any sticks I have since changed to this brand also!!! :)

by Sandi on 4/14/2012

Great except for stems


This one that I wish would be offered in the same blend without the sticks stems casings and other non-tobacco material. I'd pay a lot more for that blend. This is a great tobacco blend that is similar to Marlboro Red but better!

by yooper7 on 4/23/2013
Criss Cross is the ultimate choice among pipe tobacco brands, if you want affordable prices and a varied range of flavor profiles. Whether you want to savor the great taste of refreshing mint, full-flavored premium tobacco, smooth and rich tobacco, or other deep and hearty flavors that Criss Cross is known for, you will have a satisfying smoking experience that will make you want to come back for more. With so many high-quality blends available, Criss Cross pipe tobacco appeals to almost all pipe smokers. At the prices they charge, this is one pipe tobacco that you won’t want to miss trying out.
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