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Dannemann Moods Filter Cigarillos 10x5 Pack (50ct)

Dannemann Moods Filtered 10x5 Pack

Retail: $52.99
You Save: $11.00
Product Information
Dannemann Moods filter are mild flavored cigarillos made with the finest imported dry-cured tobaccos rolled in aromatic wrappers from Brazil.specially cured to impart a delicately dry taste of tropical fruit. These aromatic little cigars also have an active charcoal filter, which adds a little extra refinement to their rich tobacco flavor.
Brand: Type: Premium Cigars Manufacturer:
Series: Small Cigars Shape: Small Cigars
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BNB Tobacco sells Dannemann brand cigars for people who like a smoke that combines convenience, style, and flavor in a compact package. Dannemann cigars have been favorites in German-speaking lands for over a hundred and fifty years, but are now enjoyed all over the world for their strong, bracing taste and their elegant appearance and feel.

Small but packed with spicy flavor, Dannemann cigars are great for those moments when you want a quick, heady smoke. They are perfect for café settings, and really enliven the mood when paired with a bold cup of coffee or fine aperitif. Very reasonably priced for their quality, Dannemann cigars provide great value for smokers who want to enjoy small, individual cigars throughout the day or evening without sacrificing smoothness or flavor.

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