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Great Value

Based on 11 reviews

Use these tubes for making cigarettes. So far I haven't had any faulty tubes.

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The Best Filter

Based on 9 reviews

The best roll your own filter. I've used Top and Gambler before and I find these are far better.

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i have tried zig zag, ...

Based on 9 reviews

i have tried zig zag, gambler, and premier and finally settled on premier light tubes. but decided after reading the reviews, i would try these as my last option. but i am so glad i tried them, best tube out of all i tried, they smoke good, and roll in my injector just as good also. tube is made well, and taste good.

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Zen menthol

Based on 7 reviews

Great tubes!

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ty BNB for substituting ...

Based on 8 reviews

ty BNB for substituting ZEN tubes instead of the premium. I LOVE these tubes and will continue to order these. Thank you once again!

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