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E-Tron electronic disposable cigarettes are convenient and affordable. Each cigarette packs 500 puffs, about 2 packs!

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I am thrilled with the disposable full-flavor E-Tron cigarettes. I started out with the Light ones, but they didn't have enough punch for me. The full flavors are just right. I was a full pack a day regular smoker of Marlboro Ultra Light 100's cigarettes. Last year, on July 28, 2012, I smoked my last real cigarette. Now I only use the disposables. I have never looked back. I do not have the cravings I used to have with real cigarettes, so I do not smoke the disposables as much as regular cigarettes. They are the best thing ever invented. I just wish they would shut off when a regular cigarette would be used up. I also tend to lose these...maybe a holder would be great. They roll easily and can go into the couch or in your car. But otherwise, they are wonderful!

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Not too shabby

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The E-Cig is pretty good for the price, I do have to say that in my opinion 500 puffs is kinda far fetched. Everyone puffs on a cigarette differently, personally I can get bout 2 solid days out of it, using the e-cig instead of smoking a real cigarette. Basically the advertisement says I smoke a pack a day, which I do not. A pack will last me about 3 days. The other issue I have had with it is that sometimes I will puff on it, and get nothing, and I know im not covering the port hole. Other than that, pretty solid product

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The E-Tron electronic cigarette is the perfect substitute for quitting cigarette smoking. It gives satisfaction in the exchange and works. It also saves a lot of money. You will like it.

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Not bad

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I like these - I use them in place of cigarettes. They don't create smoke, or have a smell, there's no ashes or flame to worry about. The downside is that 1 of the 5 didn't work but bnb offered a credit for the bad one.

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