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Gambler Mellow Pipe Tobacco 16 oz bag

Gambler Mellow Pipe 16 oz bag

Retail: $19.99
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Product Information
Gambler Pipe Tobacco in 1 pound bags at a very affordable price!
Brand: Type: Pipe Tobacco Manufacturer:
Strength: Mild Flavor: Natural Packaging: Bag
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Don't like shipping


Don't know why the shipping starts off on ups gets all the way here and they turn it over to the post office,that just delays it for another day,why not just let ups do it all?

by on

I like it!


I've tried so many different pipe tobaccos, as a new RYOer, and I keep coming back to Gambler as my favorite. The Gambler Mellow in a Light tube is perfect for me, although I like the flavor of the Full Strength Gambler also, just too strong. There were a fair amount of sticks but really, I've found that in every kind I've tried. And yes, it dries out, but don't they all? I just have to periodically toss a piece of lettuce in the Ziploc bag that I roll from and that does the trick. I'm still going to try Good Stuff and Criss Cross but I expect that I'll be sticking with Gambler Mellow! My shipment arrived quickly and securely from BnB. Just wish the shipping charges were a bit lower but I'll keep buying from them for now. Thanks, BnB.

by Elizabeth on 3/9/2014

I love this site..


Flavor strength is perfect can't beat the price and it is so easy to shop your site. I have absolutely no complaints what so ever.

by Kathleen on 12/29/2013

Excellent Product


We have tried almost every brand out there Gambler is the one we always come back to. Smooth taste and always fresh.

by instag8 on 4/27/2013

Solid smoke


My favorite choice and no complaints from me

by ace in the hole on 4/5/2013

Smooooth Flavor


The only difference between this pipe tobacco and cigarette tobacco is the length of the cut. Sure it smells like pipe tobacco but once it's lit you can't tell because it's so smooth. You won't wake up with a heavy chest even if you've smoked a whole pack the day before. It's so fresh and moist you'll be convinced it came straight from the growing field. Rolls great in my Top-o-Matic II alth

by Smoke'em if you on 8/20/2012

Very good product for the price. Super f


Excellent delivery service

by vadatara on 4/23/2012

We have been using Gambler since my BIL


Buy for Kid's and they enjoy the ryo cigs

by Grampadad on 11/22/2013

Still Looking


still new too RYO and still looking for the best mild RYO Tobacco but this will do for now!

by mspado on 9/19/2013

BnB only has one bad mark


Not much wrong with the product my hard to light comment may be because of the way i pack the cigarettes(too tight)|The only real problem with BnB is their cost of shipping which is twice what it should be but their product and service is top knotch

by Tom on 9/21/2012

Gambler Pipe tobacco very good


Great bargain!||Drum-roll tobacco so you may want to remove some occasional sticks and stems. To preserve after opening bag seal opened bag after pressing out the air and store it in your refrigerator. ||Please be courteous to other people when using tobacco products. Best not to smoke around children.

by Old-fashioned g on 4/22/2012

Not my favorite


I find Gambler Mellow easy to roll but it has far more sticks than I like to see. I don't care much for the taste as it seems harsh to me.

by deedee on 11/4/2012

Goto RYO Tobacco


Gambler mellow has been my go-to RYO tobacco for years. Price, quality, taste....all great.

by Dan on 3/19/2014

not a bad price


freshness doesn't last. by the time your at the end of the bag it all turns to unrollable sift

by azikir318 on 4/19/2013

Wrong brand


I did not get gambler,I got Kentucky gold

by Allen on 7/26/2014

on my last order


My order was perfect, as usual. Packaging is complaints from me!

by Kathleen on 6/25/2014

my thoughts ..


As usual, I have been enjoying the Gambler tobacco and will continue as long as you have it. Thank you from a satisfied customer. K Shaeffer

by Kathleen on 6/7/2014



Like product very much

by jeffrey on 6/3/2014

As Ordered


and on time. What else can yo ask?

by Roger L. on 2/6/2015

Will be back


I will return to buy again and again, I have the most awesome thigs when I order from here Keep up the good work. The best, and the fastest shipping ever.

by Joanne on 3/6/2015

Not a happy Camper!!


Ordered the Gambler Mellow and received the Gambler Gold. Wrote them that I had received the wrong order and they replied: "That's the same product they were just forced to say gold instead of mellow due to FDA regulations." What a Crock!!

by waloak on 8/20/2012
Gambler pipe tobacco is a straightforward American blend that is made from top of the line Burley and Virginia tobaccos, among other fine quality tobaccos from around the world. Gambler will give each pipe smoker a satisfying, smooth experience, with its long burning times and superb taste that is unmatched. Whether you are looking for a rich tasting full flavor tobacco, a light smooth tobacco that is mild in flavor or cool mint that will leave a refreshing taste in your mouth, Gambler can provide it all. This brand is extremely affordable, and it is one of the most popular among pipe smoking enthusiasts that love a good burn.
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