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Good Stuff Menthol Gold Pipe Tobacco 16oz Bag

Good Stuff Menthol Gold Pipe 16oz

Retail: $19.99
You Save: $4.00

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Product Information
Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco is a very affordable and versatile pipe tobacco that is packaged in 16oz bags which feature a moisture and oxygen resistant layer that guarantees freshness. Offered in 5 distinct Flavors: Full Flavor, Gold, Menthol, Ultra Gold, and Menthol Gold.
Brand: Type: Pipe Tobacco Manufacturer:
Country of Origin: United States Strength: Medium Flavor: Menthol
Packaging: Bag
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Without fail, each time I place an order (no matter how small) BnB Tobacco fills and delivers in a very timely manner. Always a pleasure ordering from these folks. The savings is always a Plus.

by on

About time you guys and gals finally


I know I've told you at least twice I'd give an awesome review. I save a few bucks per bag of pipe tobacco, there is frequently promo deals given to regular customers, shipping is free and very quick if you order over $200 outside of promo deals for less. The EXACT same product I would drive 12 miles round trip to pay 4 bucks more per bag for. The "rolls" are a little more than they should be, but not so much that it would be worth my money in gas to drive somewhere to buy them. Overall, A-..... Don't let the "-" fool you. First "A" I've given anyone.

by Mark on 5/22/2014

Very Smooth Light Menthol


I have tried many menthol tobaccos, and I find Good Stuff Gold to be very light and smooth. It is one of the few that doesn't make me cough. It has very few stems, and those it has are large enough to find easily - none of those hundreds of little splinter pieces like in so many tobaccos. I was a Salem Lights smoker and find this to be the closest in strength and flavor. Highly recommend!

by June on 5/21/2014

Good stuff



by shawna on 3/13/2014

Good Stuff Menthol


The Good Stuff Menthol light tastes to me like RJ Reynolds Salem cigarettes. The savings is remarkable. I can get 3 cartons maybe more for the price of one carton where I live. Thanks BnB.

by DigginDee on 5/31/2013

I would buy it from know on.


I have been making my cig for 4 years. They say it is pipe tabacco but ihave a cig machine and i love this tabacco.You can't tell the difference between my cig the store ones. I like how fast they ship. I can't say any thing bad about Good Stuff

by Jean on 11/26/2012

I will continue to but this product.


No problems.

by Koko on 8/23/2012

Menthol gold


menthol gold pipe tobacco is a bit strong if you are use to smoking a light menthol cig if used with a menthol tube my wifes opinion

by ss moker on 9/19/2013

Basicly what I was looking for


I stopped smoking name brand cagrits about a month and a half ago. I used to smoke Marlboro Menthol Gold. I was fed up with the prices and wanted something better for my budget. This is the closet I got to my old brandwith Premire light tubes. I also smoked Marlboro Reds. See I like tabacco taste with a hint of menthol. This is basicly what I was looking for. I am very pleased and will deffinetly

by Nick on 8/22/2013

THE BEST Tobacco I have found!


I simply LOVE this Light Menthol Tobacco!!!||I started RYO cigarettes about 4 months ago and just couldnt quite seem to find anything close to the taste of my regular brand (Virginia Slims Ultra-Light Menthol) and ended up going out and buying a pack of VS every now and then....NOT ANYMORE! This stuff rolls nice in the Menthol tubes has JUST the Right amount of Menthol flavor/aroma and tastes E

by JB Smoker on 8/27/2012

Great for RYO


This is a great all around tobacco. It might say light but don't be fooled. It's a nice full bodied smoke but not harsh and heavy not a hard to taste light. Has just the right amount of menthol. I would compare this tobacco with a menthol tube equal to a Marlboro Menthol light cigarette.|I use this tobacco in my Fresh Choice electric roller. I've never had a problem. The only problem was figurin

by Love my smokes. on 5/13/2012



The Good Stuff pipe tobacco is most good.

by Jared on 8/21/2014

good stuff


Great stuff

by shawna on 9/20/2014

Good stuff is great stuff


Good stuff is great stuff

by shawna on 12/12/2014

My order came in a


My order came in a timly manner and product was nice and fresh

by Dennis on 1/21/2015

excellent tobacco


The quality seems excellent. Will definitely purchase again. Much better than a bag of Big Rock cool mint I bought from somewhere else for the same price. My only minor complaint is that I was spammed with email order confirmations each day after the order was placed.

by scott on 1/25/2015
Good Stuff pipe tobacco is one of the leading pipe tobacco brands on the market. If you want great taste, good value for your money, and a burst of great robust tobacco flavor, you will enjoy a satisfying smoke when you choose Good Stuff. This quality grade of pipe tobacco offers smoothness, richness, and a good hearty flavor that will keep you coming back for more. It comes in a variety of flavor profiles, so there is something to suit the tastes of even the most discriminate pipe smokers. This blend is perfect for a long burning, satisfying smoke anytime of the day or night.
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