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Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz Bag

Good Stuff Ultra Gold Pipe 16oz

Retail: $19.99
You Save: $4.00

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Product Information
Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco is a very affordable and versatile pipe tobacco that is packaged in 16oz bags which feature a moisture and oxygen resistant layer that guarantees freshness. Offered in 5 distinct Flavors: Full Flavor, Gold, Menthol, Ultra Gold, and Menthol Gold.
Brand: Type: Pipe Tobacco Manufacturer:
Country of Origin: United States Strength: Ultra Mild Flavor: Natural
Packaging: Bag
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Good Stuff Silver Pipe 16 oz


Great Tobacco and it was on sale, which makes it even better. Can't buy it up here in Michigan. Lightning fast Delivery! Highly recommended Vendor.

by on



I've tried many other brands. Good Stuff is the best.

by Ann on 6/23/2014



I've ordered from BnB many times, and will continue to order here. Prompt service and their prices can't be beat, even by local tobacco shops

by Donald on 6/8/2014

Good Stuff Tobacco Gold


Been using this tobacco for about 6 mos, and have found it to be just right flavor for me. I live in Northern Michigan and can't find it up here. I'll be buying more from you in the future. Your price is better than I was paying in Florida over the Winter!

by Kenneth on 5/30/2014



Always good to order from. Doesn't take forever for them to ship. Some places take a week to process the order.

by Tom on 5/19/2014

Well pleased with my order


Its wonderful to get my order delivered to my home so fast. Love it

by Betty on 4/26/2014

Speed as well as Quality


I normally forget to purchase my next order until it's too late. But with the quick turn around time between order and delivery it has removed my worries that I will run out before my order is processed. At 70 yrs. old a timely order is very important to me.

by Granddad on 2/7/2014

Good Stuff


Tried other brands and I always come back to this one.

by d on 12/6/2013

Medical supply


Friendly mix for a smooth experience. 3 parts lite with 1 part menthol

by Mr. Responsable on 9/27/2013

An Excellant company to order from!


I found the Great Stuff tobacco to be very fresh and the most reasonable price any place I have shopped Will be ordering more when we need more.

by Olenlena on 9/19/2013

Very good tobacco


This is a very good tobacco that I purchased based on the reviews. It has the right moisture content for rolling with my machine.

by mq on 8/4/2013

good quality


easy loadinggreat flavor always pleasedthanks you bnb!!

by jv on 5/29/2013

Literally god stuff



by d on 5/27/2013

have bought several times and will conti



by Wolf on 4/12/2013

Good stuff


I roll my own. Moisture and cut makes rolling pleasant. No additives and made in the good ole' USA. The fine stuff is kept to a minimum which is always a plus. Thank you

by d on 4/2/2013

highly recommended


very good tobaccoI use it in my tubes.loads easys and would highly recommendtry it you will like it!!

by jv on 4/2/2013



ups is great when they ship all the way to your door when they let usps handle the your item after dropoff from ups to a usps depot and deliver it to your house make sure its insured i have had 2 problems in the last to shipments its the sender that determans this surepost or mail inovations tobut i think ups should be responsable good luck

by alan role my ow on 9/10/2012

High quality product great prices.


I love the taste of this tobacco. My favorite of all the brands out there.

by Alex on 8/26/2012

Product should be renamed Great Stuff


Great tobacco. Nice smooth consistent flavor with each bag.

by Will on 8/23/2012

Definately will purchase again


This is my very first Tobacco site that I ever ordered from. My shipment came quickly and I ordered many differant RYO tabacos from BnB. I was very very satisfyed with this Company and I loved every tabacco that I ordered.It was easy to roll in my tubes and mellow without any harshness to it.

by adoptacat28 on 4/27/2012

best product i ever used


this company knows how to do business|best service of any i have done business with|affordable pipe tobacco i can afford of course i roll cigarettes with good stuffjust as good as already rolled|i have always had the best service from this company|no complaints at all

by vidormeatman[@] on 4/26/2012

Why isn't every Smoker doing this?


Every thing about the product is Great...Shipping and handling is a LITTLE to Much

by Chuck on 4/16/2012

The only Ultra Light there is!


I roll this tobacco in 100s tubes and save a fortune on my smokes! It's the only ultra-light I've been able to find and it's good stuff--with an occasional machine-boggling small stick.

by Too old to die on 4/12/2012

Correctly Named!!!


This tobacco has a very good taste and aroma but the reason I like it so well is that it really flows through my stuffer well.|Very consistent fill.

by rms61moparman on 9/19/2013

good and mild good stuff!


nice mild tobacco.

by Harry on 5/18/2013

Satisfied Customer


I use this with menthol cigarette tubes and a Top-O-Matic cigarette injector machine. I would like it better if the tobacco was moister when I break the seal but I don't believe this tobacco is any more or less moist (or dry) than any other packaged in the same way. Basically I have to make cigarettes of the entire 16 oz pouch the day I break the seal or the tobacco will be dried out enough to

by sharon on 11/12/2012

good aroma


the tobacco strands are too long causing difficulty in filling the injector slot|accurately. I ordered 15 pounds when I|reorder I will be going back to OHM.

by whiteshadow on 8/27/2012

Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz Bag


I was looking for a light tobacco and this was a good selection. I might try the Kentucky Select on my next order but if it doesnt satisfy I'll probably go back.

by Jay on 8/20/2012

Good Stuff


Good for RYO; leaves a strange unpleasant aftertaste

by Robinphil on 8/20/2012

Not moist at all.


Pleased with my first purchase not pleased with my 2nd purchase.|2nd purchase was as dry as a bale of hay sitting the field all season.

by Randy Smith on 9/9/2012

Just What I've Been Looking For !


I had been smoking the Good Stuff Gold for a while but wanted something just a little bit lighter. I found the Silver which I would compare to a Marlboro light and have stayed with it ever since.

by Old Marine on 5/5/2013

Pleasure for less $$


The taxes on cigarettes have gotten so high I started buying and making cigs at a local tobacco members club. I wondered what I was going to do when I traveled back to NC where I knew of no such outlets. The owner suggested I buy my tobacco and tubes online along with a rolling machine. I save so much money! Not only thatbecause of the purity of the product (no added chemicals)I am not coug

by Chinquapin on 4/2/2013

Makes a good RYO Malboro Red


This is much stronger in side by side compairsons myself with a pipe and 2 friends tryin RYOs and feeling the same as far as ultra light and smooth this aint itCowBoy Med/full at best. If you are lookin for ultra light real mild tobacco try Cherokee mild its lots lighter than this.

by JRS on 10/18/2012

Good Stuff Tobacco


Great Product, Fast Delivery and, even with shipping, better price than available in Michigan. Will continue to be a regular customer.

by Kenneth on 8/15/2014



Never have I been dissapointed with an order from BnB.

by Donald on 9/4/2014

great service


very good value and fast shipping on products

by Ernest on 9/8/2014

great price


A good deal and fast shipping

by Ernest on 9/16/2014

I didn't like that I


I didn't like that I had to use all my Groupon $ on one order. Product was very good.

by Daniel on 9/19/2014

good stuff


Great stuff

by shawna on 10/9/2014

Good Stuff Silver Tobacco


Great Tobacco, Great Price Speedy Delivery from a Great Company!

by Kenneth on 11/13/2014

wish your 24/7 still worked


wish your 24/7 still worked :(

by Norma on 1/3/2015

smooth taste


it is good many stems in the bags

by Dana on 1/13/2015

It is very good.


Very few stems and easy to use as a ryo. I like it better than Ky Select Gold.

by Norma on 1/14/2015

Good Stuff Gold Tobacco


Great Product, Great Price Fast Delivery!

by Kenneth on 1/22/2015
Good Stuff pipe tobacco is one of the leading pipe tobacco brands on the market. If you want great taste, good value for your money, and a burst of great robust tobacco flavor, you will enjoy a satisfying smoke when you choose Good Stuff. This quality grade of pipe tobacco offers smoothness, richness, and a good hearty flavor that will keep you coming back for more. It comes in a variety of flavor profiles, so there is something to suit the tastes of even the most discriminate pipe smokers. This blend is perfect for a long burning, satisfying smoke anytime of the day or night.
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