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Good Stuff Silver Pipe Tobacco 16oz Bag

Good Stuff Silver Pipe 16oz

Retail: $19.99
You Save: $4.00

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Product Information
Good Stuff Pipe Tobacco is a very affordable and versatile pipe tobacco that is packaged in 16oz bags which feature a moisture and oxygen resistant layer that guarantees freshness. Offered in 5 distinct Flavors: Full Flavor, Gold, Menthol, Ultra Gold, and Menthol Gold.
Brand: Type: Pipe Tobacco Manufacturer:
Country of Origin: United States Strength: Ultra Mild Flavor: Natural
Packaging: Bag
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Good Stuff Silver Pipe 16 oz


Great Tobacco and it was on sale, which makes it even better. Can't buy it up here in Michigan. Lightning fast Delivery! Highly recommended Vendor.

by on



I've tried many other brands. Good Stuff is the best.

by Ann on 6/23/2014



I've ordered from BnB many times, and will continue to order here. Prompt service and their prices can't be beat, even by local tobacco shops

by Donald on 6/8/2014

Good Stuff Tobacco Gold


Been using this tobacco for about 6 mos, and have found it to be just right flavor for me. I live in Northern Michigan and can't find it up here. I'll be buying more from you in the future. Your price is better than I was paying in Florida over the Winter!

by Kenneth on 5/30/2014



Always good to order from. Doesn't take forever for them to ship. Some places take a week to process the order.

by Tom on 5/19/2014

Well pleased with my order


Its wonderful to get my order delivered to my home so fast. Love it

by Betty on 4/26/2014

Good Stuff Tobacco


Great Product, Fast Delivery and, even with shipping, better price than available in Michigan. Will continue to be a regular customer.

by Kenneth on 8/15/2014



Never have I been dissapointed with an order from BnB.

by Donald on 9/4/2014

great service


very good value and fast shipping on products

by Ernest on 9/8/2014

great price


A good deal and fast shipping

by Ernest on 9/16/2014

I didn't like that I


I didn't like that I had to use all my Groupon $ on one order. Product was very good.

by Daniel on 9/19/2014

good stuff


Great stuff

by shawna on 10/9/2014

Good Stuff Silver Tobacco


Great Tobacco, Great Price Speedy Delivery from a Great Company!

by Kenneth on 11/13/2014

wish your 24/7 still worked


wish your 24/7 still worked :(

by Norma on 1/3/2015

smooth taste


it is good many stems in the bags

by Dana on 1/13/2015

It is very good.


Very few stems and easy to use as a ryo. I like it better than Ky Select Gold.

by Norma on 1/14/2015

Good Stuff Gold Tobacco


Great Product, Great Price Fast Delivery!

by Kenneth on 1/22/2015

your service is one of


your service is one of the best but I have to inform you that I will not be ordering from you any more, I had to quit smoking and my other half passed away on the 24th of May.

by Janet on 6/6/2016

Web Page Deceiving


#1. Web page has pkg of wrong picture from title product name. I usually order GS Natural. This was a mistake from me ordering. I received GS SILVER ULTRA LIGHT, which is not in description (as you can see from your feed back above for GS Ultra Gold) Maybe somebody can fix that? #2. Thank goodness I didn't order menthol by mistake! #3. SILVER ULTRA LIGHT isn't bad, but will be careful to get GS NATURAL next time. #4. Shipping is a b!#%h. I don't see why it takes 8 days or more to get it. (mostly 10 days)

by Loretta on 7/15/2016

Good stuff


Good stuff

by Shawna on 9/14/2016

good price, good deal. would


good price, good deal. would recommend

by JOANNE on 9/15/2016

never had a problem. I


never had a problem. I order, and I receive my order exactly as it was sent.

by Richard on 9/19/2016

Great company


After initial delivery problems due to sub level delivery service, bob provided solution!

by gary on 9/28/2016

Good Stuff Silver Tobacco


I just recently found out about "Good Stuff" tobacco from a local retailer. This tobacco is by far my favorite today! We have been purchasing Kentucky Select both Gold and most recently the Silver & have been very disappointed with the quality of both during last eight months or so. The waste was very frustrating and translated to losing between 1/8 of a pound and 1/4 of a pound from each bag. Then, while visiting a local retailer of tobacco products, I was expressing my disappointment with my current tobacco brand and he told me about the "Good Stuff" product line. In anticipation of finally being satisfied again with my tobacco, I quickly went home and called my favorite company B n B to confirm what I had heard about this tobacco. Since I trust them implicitly I ordered 2lbs of the Silver & 1lb of the Natural. I couldn't be happier with this product! No it does not take me endless amounts of time "cleaning & clipping" the tobacco to prepare it to be rolled into cigarette tubes. I do however, prefer the Silver (Ultralight) over the "Natural" for its smoother taste & less cleaning/clipping needed. This product is very appropriately named!!

by Peaty on 12/27/2016

Best yet.


I liked it the best sofar of the few brands I have tried. But still taste the pipe tobacco flavor and not the cigarette taste I am use to.

by Winford on 6/1/2017

Good stuff silver


Love it

by Wendy on 6/5/2017
Good Stuff pipe tobacco is one of the leading pipe tobacco brands on the market. If you want great taste, good value for your money, and a burst of great robust tobacco flavor, you will enjoy a satisfying smoke when you choose Good Stuff. This quality grade of pipe tobacco offers smoothness, richness, and a good hearty flavor that will keep you coming back for more. It comes in a variety of flavor profiles, so there is something to suit the tastes of even the most discriminate pipe smokers. This blend is perfect for a long burning, satisfying smoke anytime of the day or night.
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