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Kentucky Select Full Flavor Pipe Tobacco 16 oz bag

Kentucky Select Full Pipe 16oz

Retail: $19.99
You Save: $4.00
Product Information
Kentucky Select Pipe Tobacco in 1 pound bags at a very affordable price!
Brand: Type: Pipe Tobacco Manufacturer:
Strength: Full Flavor: Natural
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Kentucky Select Full Flavor, best self rolling


This tobacco has the freshest taste i have found in all the brands I have tried. it is my favorite by far. It does not have the bitter aftertaste i have found using as cigarettes like other brands of pipe tobacco i have tried. This not only replaces the Marlboro brand i did smoke, but to me, surpasses them.

by on

Great bargain


Been using this brand for years. Great taste. Always fresh

by SHAWN on 10/19/2014

BnB cant be beat.


Great fresh products. Fast shipping and great prices. I would not by from any other supplier.

by Marti on 10/24/2014



I've been using Kentucky Select for several years. I have tried other brands and have found nothing that I prefer to Kentucky Select

by Larry on 11/6/2014

Kentucky Select Full


I ordered wrong one.I perfer the Kentucky Gold

by louise on 11/9/2014

Quality Slidding


They are grinding stems into little pieces and I have found a lot of foreign objects like foam rubber and what I think are small pieces of used cigarette filters. I've had to throw away 1/4 pound of the bottom of the bad for fear it would break my cigarette injection machine if I used it. Then the very next bag out of the same shipment was pretty clean. So I end up with mixed feelings because I never know what I'm going to get. Winter time seem to mean dryer and more stems. Summer tobacco seems to mean so wet it has to dry before it can be used for cigarettes. Guess that is probably the norm.

by David on 1/28/2015

Great products


Just placed fist order, fast shipping and unbeatable prices. Thank you BnB

by collin on 7/31/2014

Kentucky Select Is Good Stuff


Use it for rolling. Nice aroma, tastes good. Some stems usually found in the tobacco usually, but the tobacco is worth it.

by Harold W. on 7/27/2014



I have been ordering tobacco from BnB for a long time. I am very pleased with the service and quality of the product. With a smile I will continue to be one of your loyal customers.

by Linn on 7/16/2014

I love BnB tobacco


I use B&B for all of my tobacco products. I love it. It's simple it's easy and customer service is right on top of any problems that you may think you have.

by Phyllis G. on 5/14/2014

Good product


I think I got the best price

by Anthony on 5/1/2014

Ms. Kathryn Hudson


I order the Kentucky Select Blend each month, for my companion and he rolls the pipe tobacco into filtered tubes, for smoking. He really likes the flavor and it relaxes him. We thank you for providing a quality product for everyone, and especially for Dale.

by Kathryn on 4/9/2014

Satisfied customer


Had a good experience with BnB customer service.

by Harold W. on 3/29/2014

good tobacco


i like a strong tobacco tast good it's the only tobacco i found that is strong.

by jeffrey on 3/9/2014

It's the choice of many friends


We're using it for rolling cigs. It's a little coarse but we make do. Good flavor and not too strong.

by patricia on 5/22/2014

kentucky select tobacco


used to be really good easy to put in tubes cause it was shredded long now it seems to be shredded to fine and tobacco is really dry. don't know what happened but if it keeps up will have to go elsewhere to find better "product."

by arthur on 7/21/2014

Great product for the price!


This is a great product for the price. I am a repeat customer.

by FSP127 on 2/14/2014

Comes thru every time!


Always fresh great bang for your buck!

by The Mapine on 1/19/2014

I have switched totally to this brand


i just love the Kentucky Select brand. I place my order every month and am very happy with the products.

by leslie on 11/22/2013

As Described


Product was perfect the tobacco was not dryed out which was a concern of mine. The item shipped quickly and arrived well packaged and safe.

by chainmaille on 10/18/2013

Excellent smoker


On time service as ordered.

by Yondering Sonny on 10/15/2013

Good service and the flavor I was lookin



by dkw on 9/28/2013

Best at Full Flavor


I love a full flavor tabacco and this is the only brand that I purchase.

by Jersey Girl on 7/31/2013

As for the product its great.


The only problem I had was getting the product. Don't use smart post anymore. Use UPS or regular mail. Post office is closing sooner and hard for UPS to get there on time. But the product is great.

by Connie on 7/31/2013

very good


I like the taste is.but I like the 5 pds. bagsnot the one smokes for longest time

by oldman on 7/15/2013

Good everyday tobacco


A good all around tobacco. Good tasting but not so flavorful that it becomes cloying. An everyday smoke that is satisfying.

by Peter on 6/18/2013

I will continue to buy this product


Great for R.Y.O

by River Rat on 6/12/2013

Great Value


This tobacco when used in the Zen Supershooter makes great cigarettes. Moisture content and cut are perfect for small rolling machines.

by Jeweler 1 on 5/14/2013

Good Productfast service


The service is goodfast delivery.

by Jo on 5/8/2013

I will buy this product again and again


BNB continues to sell a great product and their service is second to none. Thank you Again

by Terry on 4/2/2013

Better Than Store Bought Cigarettes


I roll my own cigarettes with this tabacco and I wouldn't go back to store bought cigarettes. You don't have the chemical taste with this tabacco and it burns better & lasts longer than store bought cigarettes. The shipping is always on time and packaged well. I have no Cons about this tabacco.

by Gregg on 4/2/2013

Kentucky Select Freshness


I use Kentucky Select full-flavored tabacco but not for a pipe. Actually my wife rolls them in a small machine we have and I love the flavor. The tabacco is so fresh that it works well in the machine and the cigarettes taste better with age never too dry or too moist. The only problem I had was choosing the tubes I wanted. I use the Gambler Kings and one time accidentally bought the 100s. Lo

by Karaoke Gregg on 10/8/2012

High quality low price


I have ordered through BnB several times now. Never once have I been disappointed.|4 (5) star service including shipping times.

by Joe on 10/3/2012

Closest I've found to brandname flavor


I've been rolling my own cigarettes for two years now and I would recommend this to anyone. PRO's IMO: As close as you can find to brandname cig flavor nice cut easy to roll with electronic or manual machines. CONS: I can't think of ONE.

by Scooter on 8/20/2012

Excellent price


I felt the shipping price was a bit high although I made up for that on quanitity (to average it out lower)|Althogh I feel the shipping was a bit high I realize they have to cover their costs so (as I said) I ordered a larger quantity to average it out)|The cost of shipping was offset by the speed of delivery time (approx 3 days from ordering to receiving.)||I do not smoke cigars and I can not

by jozy123 on 4/20/2012

this is the best product i have brought


i use there product mainly because it is pure with no chemicals added to it.

by tim on 4/20/2012

A good inexpensive tobacco.


I've been smoking this tobacco for about a year and have yet to come accross a bad bag. Full flavored but not overpowering and that makes it a good everyday smoke for me.

by Peter on 4/19/2012

Good deal when the ship is free


Good deal

by None on 11/22/2013

Kentucky Select Full Flavor Pipe Tobacco


In my personal use this tobacco's moisture is eradic thoughout the year possibly because of growing seasons. Some shipments tend to have more stems than others. But after smoking Marlboro for over 35 years this tobacco is a close match and smokes and tastes much better than regular cigerettes on the market. Better quality and a cheaper price.

by dd on 5/27/2013

Find it close to Marboro Red


Find the product works extremely well in my electric R/Y/O machine. Very rarely jams and can accomplish the same consistency through out. Minimal amount of stems compared to others that I have used. Only issue I have is product seems to dry out very quickly if not sealed or rolled. Once rolled there does not seem to be a problem. I roll most of mine at same time for the week. Never a problem.

by Steven on 4/13/2013

Excellent tobacco want 5lb bags back.


fresh tobacco|good moisture|excellent taste

by pswiley72 on 4/2/2013

Somewhat strong flavor


After smoking Winston cigs for about 30 years I went back to using my pipes. I'm trying different tobaccos to find a few that are smooth full-flavored but not too strong and leave a good aroma behind after smoking. Kentucky Select Full-Flavor is smooth and has a decent post-smoke aroma but is a bit too strong for my taste.

by Chemist14 on 10/10/2012

Love the site!


Love the product but find the standard shipping costs are high for the amount of time it takes to arrive.

by Davita on 10/1/2012

ordinary but too dry


My husband says this product is too dry.

by karen on 11/26/2013

Great price but...


Do not let my title turn you off to this product. I smoked this tobacco for about six months; it's great for the pipe or injection machines. The price is the same as what I paid in stores before moving back west. I found that even the pickiest of smokers could easily smoke this tobacco without complaint. I was one of the picky smokers had to have my brand until I found this. Now for the but and

by Evader87544 on 4/21/2012

Pros and Cons


I use Kentucky Select pipe tobacco to roll my own cigarettes. I understand that pipe tobacco is much more course than cigarette tobacco. But of late I find I have to sort out more and more non-tobacco stems sticks and twigs. This results in much slower time rolling and much in the way of waste.

by Yooper7 on 4/16/2012

Too dry - too many sticks seeds etc.


Too dirty. Still searching for a good tobacco that's not filled with sticks stems seeds and fillers. Can you halp?

by Barry on 10/30/2012

Wonderful taste!


Definitely a mainstay for my blends. I love the smell and taste fo this tobacco.. you won't be disappointed if you enjoy a full flavor smoke!I have already sent out information to friends about this product via the link so they can try this. Great quality and value!!

by Fynness on 10/20/2013

this is my regular brand


this is my regular brand of tobacco we use...

by Anthony on 9/13/2014

It's good


It's good

by Ron on 10/2/2014
Kentucky Select pipe tobacco is a top graded premium pipe tobacco that will keep pipe smokers entranced with its smooth taste, hearty flavors, and slow burns. Whether you want regular, aromatic, or natural, this tobacco brand comes in three distinct flavors that will suit all tastes. Here at BNB Tobacco, we offer the lowest price on the web for this tobacco, and other great premium tobacco brands on the market. Kentucky Select only uses fine quality tobaccos without any added chemicals, so you can expect great flavor and organic processing that will give you plenty of value for your money.
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