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Man O' War Deluxe 100ct Humidor

Man O' War 100ct Humidor

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This attractive piece is perfect for any cigar den. Made of 100% premium spanish cedar with thick walls and heavy lid for optimal operation, this Man O' War Humidor supports 100 cigars and features a humidifier and Sure-Seal technology. Epic battle scene displayed on front is a true conversation starter. If you're a fan of AJ Fernandez or Man O' War, then this humidor should be part of your collection.
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Fine cigars are natural products that are environmentally sensitive. Rooms that are air-conditioned or heated for our comfort can dry out cigars. Pamper your cigars in a good humidor. A humidor is a climate controlled cigar storage box that maintains cigars in an optimal condition. Cigars can last for years in a properly maintained humidor.

A humidor is a simple device that replicates the temperature and moisture conditions of the natural state in which the tobacco grew, fermented and was prepared for consumption. It should maintain an internal humidity level between 70 and 75 percent and an internal temperature that ranges between 68 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Humidors today also come with gauges measuring the internal moisture levels. To fit the diverse needs of cigar aficionados, humidors are available in a number of sizes. Serious smokers prefer keeping several humidifiers, as there can be subtle flavor shifts when different cigars are stored next to each other.

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