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BnB Tobacco carries the largest selection of pipe tobacco online. Our selection ranges from bulk tobacco to premium and boutique pipe tobacco including the most popular brands - Prince Albert, Red Cap, Carter Hall, Good Stuff, 4 Aces, Criss Cross, Dunhill, CAO, Davidoff and much more in sizes ranging from bulk bags to tins and pouches. Whatever kind of pipe tobacco you are searching for, rest assured, BnB Tobacco has got you covered – all at amazing discount prices!

Shopping on the BNB ...

Based on 21 reviews

Shopping on the BNB Tobacco website was extremely easy. I was able to type in the product I was looking for into the provided search bar, then click on the exact item I desired. I purchased the Captain Black Regular Pipe Tin in the 12 ounce variety. There was even a sale, should I have decided to purchase 12 or more tins (I didn't). Selecting the tin was easy, as I just entered the amount into the Add option. Checking out is a one click process, allowing me to complete my order and continue on with my daily routine.

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Captain Black Gold Pipe Tobacco

Based on 17 reviews

Actually I ordered this pipe tobacco for my roommate, I think he is using the 4th barrel of the 5, that I ordered for him previously. He is so satisfied of the smoke, scent/flavor, and the amount + price. In addition he likes the made in USA of this product. Nice package and about fast shipping. Overall he recommends this tobacco to other smokers.

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After a long day at work ...

Based on 14 reviews

After a long day at work I love lighting my pipe up while reading the newspaper. Sir Walter Raleigh pipe tobacco first caught my eye because I enjoyed the iconic image on the package. I felt even better about my purchase when I saw it was made right in America! When I light up my pipe at night, I love the natural taste that helps me relax. The price is completely reasonable for the amount of smoking I get from each tin. The service with BNB is great as well, I've never been disappointed any time I make a purchase!

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What a nice mix,smooth ...

Based on 8 reviews

What a nice mix,smooth with a real nice aroma.

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Smoking a pipe is my only ...

Based on 7 reviews

Smoking a pipe is my only vice these days, I gave up the drinking, the partying and most of the women chasing. So when I need to curb my appetite for vice, it has to be something smooth, strong and flavorful in my pipe load. That is why I buy my favorites direct from BnB tobacco, old Captain Black cherry flavored pipe tobacco. I can buy it in bulk and save a whole lot of money. I will never go back to the retail tobacco scam artists. If you want the best deals online, go check out BnB for yourself.

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I love the smell of an ...

Based on 7 reviews

I love the smell of an open fire with a rich aroma of pipe tobacco in the air. When I came across BNB and the great selection of pipe tobacco I was in heaven. The Sir Walter Raleigh Aromatic Tin I ordered has to be one of the best selections of premium pipe tobacco I have come across in a while. Rich aroma, great taste, and not overwhelming think about giving sir Walter a try. I was extremely pleased.

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Love this product

Based on 5 reviews

Captain Black Royal Pipe Tobacco has great taste and smell. Priced good. A must try.

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Good Stuff

Based on 2 reviews

This stuff is pretty good. It definetly has a unique smell and taste to it.

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Loved it!

Based on 2 reviews

This stuff had allot of hype behind it so I went online and bought some. Once I opened the tin it smelled great. It smoked even better. I smoke on my commute to work almost every morning and this pair great with my coffee and doesnt leave that lingerie cigarette smell in my car. Its kind got a burley freshness kind smell to it. I plan on keeping this in my regular rotation.

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I orderd the wrong one but it was awesom

Based on 1 review

Delivery is excellent everytime

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