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Buy Pipe Tobacco, Little Cigars by CTC

cherokee mellow pipe tobacco

Based on 74 reviews

Smooth teast

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Alot of tobacco

Based on 70 reviews

It was a lot of tobacco, but I liked it, the brand was a little harst for us, we mixed it with another. I was wondering if you had another brand in the 5 pounds?

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Smokin Good , clean and safe,makes the

Based on 62 reviews

The pergfect smoking tobacco

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5 pound bag

Based on 27 reviews

Nice thought with the matches but for a 5 pound bag and only 10 matches lol next time a lighter would b nice

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Great tobacco

Based on 22 reviews

I have been buying this tobacco from BnB for about a year. I smoke menthol cigarettes and use a machine to roll my own. This menthol pipe tobacco is perfect for rolling cigarettes. It is a longer cut and has the perfect moistness. It is a little stronger than I like so I mix it with regular Cherokee tobacco (about half and half) and the result is a mild menthol cigarette very similar to the cigarettes I used to smoke, at about $6 per pack, only mine costs around $1 per pack.

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blast from the past

Based on 21 reviews

not for the faint of heart of fans of the "light"varritey.this is a full bodied and full flavor the routine blends from 50 years ago

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Order from BandB Tobacco

Based on 17 reviews

Arrived in good time and good shape.

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yall are great

Based on 14 reviews

yall had them here right away and yall had helped me with a problem and I could nt be much more happy. yall are great thank you

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cherokee mellows

Based on 12 reviews

I liked them alot

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