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Cigar Wraps, Machine Made Cigars, and Little Cigars products by Good Times Wraps, Good Times, Remington, and White Cat

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This is like my 4th ...

Based on 16 reviews

This is like my 4th carton!! I love them. Cannot beat the great taste or cost!!Excellent choice!!

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not bad

Based on 12 reviews

the milds and full flavors of this brand are not bad. the flavored versions are quite strong. in fact the peach burned my tongue. the rum is very good and the chocolate ok.

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These are GREAT~!!

Based on 8 reviews

These are GREAT~!! I use to smoke Cherry Cheyenne's and those seemed very cherry which I liked. However, I switched to Bella Ultra Lights as my daily smoke and thought I'd try something lighter for my flavored as well. At first, these didn't taste nearly as cherry but seemed strong enough so I got another order. Now, the Cheyenne's actually seem dominantly strong and less flavorful. Go figure..... Anyways, I guess you can get to use to anything in time and these are a great alternative for a milder smoke. HIGHLY recommend~!!

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Excellent price and ...

Based on 7 reviews

Excellent price and excellent flavor; my perfect combination, I keep coming back to BnB for my smokes and I'm never disappointed. A plus for these guys.

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Remingtom is good and cheap

Based on 5 reviews

Delivered quickly

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Good by for the money

Based on 2 reviews

I think this is a good by for the money. All the flat raps are a good deal.

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Always Fresh!!

Based on 4 reviews

always fresh, great smell, great prices and super fast delivery!!

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I would buy this product again

Based on 2 reviews

Great product, easy to use and smoke.....has nice fragrance. doesn'disappoint.

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I roll my own cigars and ...

Based on 2 reviews

I roll my own cigars and experiment with tobacco and wraps often, so when I saw this brand had a pack of 50 wraps for $10, I decided to see what kind of quality that gets you which turns out to be quite a bit. These wraps are smaller than Royal Blunts XXL wraps, however they also cost less, compared to other brands such as Platinum which are both smaller than XXL (and this brand), but cost the same as XXL's. The Passion Fruit flavor is quite strong in these wraps, nearly overpowering smell when you open the package, however the taste is just right - not too strong, not too faint. Unlike other wraps, these come flat as the name implies, so there are no tubes for the wrap to get stuck to, however I do not believe these wraps would stick because they, much like XXL's wraps, are very well balanced in their level of moistness. Overall a very good product, and I will purchase these again.

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good product, great value.

Based on 2 reviews

good product, great value. Wished they made boxes with more than 50 but still very good deal and quality.

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