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BnB Tobacco carries the largest selection of pipe tobacco online. Our selection ranges from bulk tobacco to premium and boutique pipe tobacco including the most popular brands - Prince Albert, Red Cap, Carter Hall, Good Stuff, 4 Aces, Criss Cross, Dunhill, CAO, Davidoff and much more in sizes ranging from bulk bags to tins and pouches. Whatever kind of pipe tobacco you are searching for, rest assured, BnB Tobacco has got you covered – all at amazing discount prices!

Smoker's Pride Vanilla Pipe Tobacco (12 oz.)

Based on 20 reviews

I used to smoke a tobacco from Ted's Pipe Shop in Tulsa, until the price of became to high. I switched to Smoker's Pride Vanilla Pipe Tobacco about Twenty years ago, I have smoked it ever since. Smoker's Pride Vanilla Pipe Tobacco was not available at the smoke shops in Tulsa and when I found it at BNB Tobacco, I have purchased it ever since.

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Great product at a great price!

Based on 9 reviews

Great product at a great price! I used to buy the high dollar stuff, but this is just as good!

View Smoker's Pride Whiskey Pipe 12oz details...

Great taste and a wonderful smoke.

Based on 8 reviews

This is great smoke for the money.

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Lane 1-Q

Based on 5 reviews

A good product and a good price.

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smooth and mild

Based on 5 reviews

it is a bit too moist

View Lane BC-A 8oz Bag details...

very happy with it thank you

Based on 2 reviews

nice tobacco overall for the money

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Good roll your own

Based on 2 reviews

Most pipe tobaccos are too coarse and wet to use with an injector. This tobacco injects very well, and tastes and smells good.

View Smoker's Pride Rum Cured Pipe 12oz details...

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