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BnB Tobacco carries the largest selection of pipe tobacco online. Our selection ranges from bulk tobacco to premium and boutique pipe tobacco including the most popular brands - Prince Albert, Red Cap, Carter Hall, Good Stuff, 4 Aces, Criss Cross, Dunhill, CAO, Davidoff and much more in sizes ranging from bulk bags to tins and pouches. Whatever kind of pipe tobacco you are searching for, rest assured, BnB Tobacco has got you covered – all at amazing discount prices!

This is my favorite ...

Based on 16 reviews

This is my favorite vanilla. I ordered 4 different types to test for flavor, burn, aroma and shelf life and this was the winner. It's best when you store it correctly, but I left mine out on the counter for a weekend when I went on vacation and when I got back, it was still in great shape. The vanilla is subtle -- not overwhelming, which is why I like it so much. I don't want a piece of candy, just a little flavor and this provides that. It burns slow as long as you take care of it. The burn time gets shorter with age, but it's not that noticeable. The flavors don't fade away over time as much as I've noticed with other brands.

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I recently purchased ...

Based on 9 reviews

I recently purchased Smoker's Pride Black Cav Pipe 12oz and tried it for the first time. After smoking pipe tobacco for several months, I am still trying to find one with a very smooth taste. This one is a little strong, but rich in flavor. The price is right with the recent mark down, I may have found what I've been looking for!

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Credit card charged 2x

Based on 7 reviews

My card was charged 2x. I did not see a credit from 7-30-12 until 8-17-12. It is a long time to be without 98.77 in my account. I was not offered a discount or future credit due to the inconvenience.

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Don't Let The Baggie Fool You

Based on 4 reviews

This tobacco is good for all day use. Not at all heavy, this is a mild tobacco. Everyone who smells it has given it very positive remarks. Best of all, it's very affordable!!

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Strong stuff

Based on 3 reviews

Blend 50/50 with IQ for a great outdoor smoke.

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This was the first ...

Based on 2 reviews

This was the first tobacco I used when I started rolling my own cigars, and has been basically the only tobacco I have used for this for several years. The "rum cured" scent is very heavy when opening the bag, however it is extremely faint when smoked - but the flavor when smoked is very smooth and enjoyable, and the aroma has been described by many non-smokers as the scent of a vanilla cake being baked. The cut of this product is not bad - It's in smaller pieces, and there are 15-20 stems in each bag that should be tossed, but at this price I am willing to forgive that. Overall a very good product for the money, and I will continue to buy it as long as they produce it.

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For True Menthol Lovers!

Based on 1 review

If you are looking for a true menthol experience, this is it. I've tried 4 Aces and Sparrow mint/menthol and they can't touch this. The amount of menthol may be overwhelming for some, but I love it. I roll it and it smokes just fine out of the bag. Plenty of moisture in all the bags I have ever gotten, but not too much. Stays just right for me through the entire life of the bag. Good stuff! Great Price!

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Not bad at all.

Based on 1 review

HS3 is a light/mild cavendish. It can of course be smoked by itself but I use it to tone down stronger aromatics and find it to be a really nice combo with a cherry-pineapple blend when I mix two parts HS3 to one part of the aro.

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Slam dukinn like ...

Based on 1 review

Slam dukinn like Shaquille O'Neal, if he wrote informative articles.

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