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You’ve got your smokes, now you need all of the accessories to make you a true cigar connoisseur. BnB Tobacco carries all of the accessories you need to protect and store your cigar collection. From torch lighters and ashtrays to travel humidors and luxury desktop humidors with all of the upgrades you’re looking for, when you order from BnB Tobacco, you can be sure you are getting a quality product at a very affordable price!

good cigars and cigar products

Based on 2 reviews

great product arrived within 4 days. the gift was greatly appreciated

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Excellent torch

Based on 2 reviews

Very nice. Love the punch cutter

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Great humidor

Based on 4 reviews

Would have gave 5 stars but lock was not installed properly and doesn't lock. I don't use the lock or I would have sent it back. The rest of the humidor functions very nice and maintains perfect humidity.

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Gorgeous and a great anniversary gift

Based on 1 review

I bought this humidor as an anniversary present for my husband. I wanted it to be pretty (and high quality) since it sits on a bookshelf in our living room. I wish this website had better pictures because this box is incredibly well crafted and gorgeous. The inside has plenty of room, with an adjustable divider, and was easy to setup. We've had it for a month now and it works great.

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Elegant Finish

Based on 1 review

Love it. Only downside is thre two round humiifiers are too large to mount on the sides of the humidor. Placing them bottom takes up too much space.

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Great looking humidor

Based on 1 review

Holds about 125 cigars, not 200. The lock only locks the top compartment, not the door for the drawers. The side compartments are perfect for holding lighters, cutters, 3 finger cases, etc... Had it for about 3 months, holds humidity well. Replaced the stock hygrometer with a digital one and the humidifier with a gel bead one. Looks great and works well, can't ask for more than that.

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Very happy with this humidor

Based on 1 review

This turned out to be a nice humidor although it was not my first choice. My one and only complaint with this web site is that they display items for sale which are not in stock. The words (we don't know when we will have it and would you like to pick something else) really makes it tough to order again. However, once I called and picked out this box they were willing to get it out to me with free shipping. Their prices are very good so YMMV.

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Good starter!

Based on 1 review

This was a gift for my husband. He's no expert at cigars, however, he smokes enough,'til I thought "why not gift him with something that he uses frequently?" He not only likes it, he says "it's one of his favorite gifts from me in a while"!

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simple starter

Based on 1 review

goood start

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