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Pipe Tobacco

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BnB Tobacco carries the largest selection of pipe tobacco online. Our selection ranges from bulk tobacco to premium and boutique pipe tobacco including the most popular brands - Prince Albert, Red Cap, Carter Hall, Good Stuff, 4 Aces, Criss Cross, Dunhill, CAO, Davidoff and much more in sizes ranging from bulk bags to tins and pouches. Whatever kind of pipe tobacco you are searching for, rest assured, BnB Tobacco has got you covered – all at amazing discount prices!

Great tobacco! Clean and ...

Based on 20 reviews

Great tobacco! Clean and just tobacco.

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I have been ordering this ...

Based on 25 reviews

I have been ordering this product now for several months. Once I place the order online, it is here is no time at all! (just a few days) This is a smooth tasting tobacco but does have alot of sticks in it (but if you're like me, it's worth it to pick them out due to the price!) I am extremely happy with this product and with BNB.

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Based on 17 reviews

Overall the best tobacco ever. Smooth taste, makes a great smoke!

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Very good product for the price. Super f

Based on 13 reviews

Excellent delivery service

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This is a good product at ...

Based on 7 reviews

This is a good product at a great price. The tobacco has just the right amount of mint. The tobacco comes in a bag so you might want to have another container to put the tobacco in once the bag is opened. Excellent product and great service also.

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Man this stuff was great, ...

Based on 7 reviews

Man this stuff was great, so much better than what I usually buy from my local store. No damaged or ripped bag and delivered so quick, that I still have some of my local stuff left. It is already dried out, but not the bag I ordered directly from the product webpage. I am going to tell everyone to stop buying overpriced tobacco from down the street, I mean it. It was worth taking a couple minutes to log on the Internet.

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Love it!!!!

Based on 4 reviews

I roll my own smokes with this tobacco and use it regularly; won't even bother to try another brand because I know this one is perfect for me. It's mild and never too moist or too dry. Smells great!

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Based on 4 reviews

I love Largo Mint. I find it to be perfectly moist that it doesnt jam my cigarette injector like the other brands do. It has a lasting freshness and smooth flavor that I enjoy....

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Very GOOD pipe tobacco!

Based on 5 reviews

Largo Regular is a very unique and pleasant smoke. The low price makes it an absolute bargain. I will be ordering it again.

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mild, tasty

Based on 3 reviews

It's maybe a little to mellow for some,... the nic hit isn't full on, but It's a great smoke, Like the flavor...the tobacco is in excelent quality.

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