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Lex12 Brand Little Cigars

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A very tasty, brand new blend of little cigars can be found in Lex12, offering the smoker the perfect balance of sweetness and a spicy aroma. It is the premiere choice for those seeking to add a little spice to their little cigar experience and it is made with only the highest quality of American grown tobacco. One of the most unique features of Lex12 little cigars is their packaging, each one comes in their own embossed tin which keeps them fresh and handy for you to smoke anytime.

There is no reason to shy away from this brand of cigar just because it is new because it will be sure to give you a little cigar experience like none other. Lex12 is available in three flavors: Sweet Chaos, Menthol Chrome, and Regular 100's. These premium little cigars are a must try for any person that is a true cigar enthusiast and can be found at BNB Tobacco.

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Based on 4 reviews

Nice and mild. Good construction. Slightly weird aftertaste, but the tip is very sweet, which makes up for that. Overall, a good smoke.

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Delicious little cigarillos

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I love these little cigars the sweetened filter leaves a wonderful sweet taste on your lips. Freight is the only issue I have living in Australia although the bongo tracking website is very good when it is available.

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love these little cigars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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great sweet cigar,great taste and smell!! easy drawing too!!

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It is tough to withhold Excellance

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Tobacco does not kill, it is the non-tobacco that does.

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