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Hookah Tobacco

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BnB Tobacco’s online hookah and shisha shop offers a variety of discount shisha tobacco from top brands like Acid, Fantasia, Hookah-Hookah and more. On top of this, you will find a large selection of hookah pipes from modern and affordable to traditional and exotic. Our Hookahs are cheap, but only in price! With BNB, you know you are going to get the best quality products at the lowest prices online.

Recently I was able to ...

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Recently I was able to take a trip to the Middle East. While there I was introduced to the idea of smoking with a hookah. I was hesitant at first to try smoking in that manner but soon tried it and was pleasantly surprised. Upon my return I searched out companies that offered tobacco for hookah. I am glad that I found BnB and this variety pack. The flavors are wide ranging yet intense and a good value. If you are like me and want to bring back the taste from the Middle East home I would recommend this product line. The people over at BnB were helpful and friendly. The product arrived quickly and worked and tasted just as I remembered back on my trip. I wish the cost for shipping was a little bit lower if possible. Yet overall I recommend this company and fine hookah tobacco to all interested.

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Tea Shisha --Healthy alternative

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Nice alternative

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A great deal for a 1 kilo ...

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A great deal for a 1 kilo tub! I've only tried a few of the flavors so far (my roommate and I each ordered a flavor), and Vanilla Mojito is my favorite so far. My only issue is that $199 for free shipping seems a little steep. But the cost of shipping wasn't too bad.

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