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Little Cigars

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Little Cigars offer an easy, convenient way to enjoy quality tobacco products without breaking the bank. BNB Tobacco carries a wide variety of Little Cigars from top brands to choose from, including: Hav a Tampa, Phillies, Remington, Swisher Sweets, Djarum, Blackstone, Gambler, Dutch Treat, Dean’s, King Edward, Smoker’s Choice, Winchester, Cheyenne and many more. With our large selection of little cigars, you can rest assured you will be getting some of the best deals online from your favorite brands. Along with all of this, we also carry a large selection of miscellaneous products and accessories every cigar smoker wants or needs. When you buy Little Cigars from BnB Tobacco, we assure that you will receive your tobacco in a fast and efficient manner

Bella Menthol Ultra Lights.

Based on 10 reviews

These Little Cigars are great. Easy draw, and light Menthol taste. I never liked Menthols much, because most of them pack a too strong Menthol taste, that completely covers the taste of tobacco, but these are perfect. Best little cigars for unbelievable price!

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Little Bella Menthol Cigars

Based on 8 reviews

These are great little cigars, as long as you stick to the full-flavored ones. Tried the Lights, and they were horrible. Ended up throwing three cartons of them away, as they were not fit to even try to smoke. But, the full flavored ones are just perfect. Stay lit, good draw, nice smell, taste good. Their quality control over them has improved 100 %.

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Bella little cigars

Based on 7 reviews

I like them Thanks

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not here

Based on 6 reviews

Almost 2 weeks ago I phoned you my order for Wrangler Blue Little Cigars, and as of today, June 3 they have not arrived! Can you try to find them?

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Great Little Cigar.

Based on 5 reviews

Smokes like a cigarette. Shipped very quickly.

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good tast

Based on 4 reviews

good tast and a great value.

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Recent BnB Tobacco Order

Based on 3 reviews

Very pleased with the price and delivery of this product. Would definitely continue using in the future.

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Very good cigar

Based on 3 reviews

We'll worth the money

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Not as good as when GT made them.

Based on 2 reviews

This product was better when made by General Tobacco. There was a nice flavor to it cherry and vanilla for instance. With Sunshine Tobacco now the flavot is gone.

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