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Little Cigars

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Little Cigars offer an easy, convenient way to enjoy quality tobacco products without breaking the bank. BNB Tobacco carries a wide variety of Little Cigars from top brands to choose from, including: Hav a Tampa, Phillies, Remington, Swisher Sweets, Djarum, Blackstone, Gambler, Dutch Treat, Dean’s, King Edward, Smoker’s Choice, Winchester, Cheyenne and many more. With our large selection of little cigars, you can rest assured you will be getting some of the best deals online from your favorite brands. Along with all of this, we also carry a large selection of miscellaneous products and accessories every cigar smoker wants or needs. When you buy Little Cigars from BnB Tobacco, we assure that you will receive your tobacco in a fast and efficient manner

BlackStone Little Cherry Cigars

Based on 11 reviews

First time I used them I was satisfied with the aroma plus the taste.

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Based on 14 reviews

This is the only flavor or brand my husband wil smoke.

View Blackstone Little Vanilla 200ct details...

Swisher Sweets

Based on 11 reviews

Arrived as scheduled, I will order again as needed.

View Swisher Sweets Little Original details...

Fast Delivery

Based on 10 reviews

Good product, super service.

View King Edward Little Regular 200ct details...

I enjoy the little cigars. Just keep up

Based on 9 reviews

Everyday. It is a good flavor and I love them

View Santa Fe Little Mild 200ct details...

Great service speedy delivery

Based on 6 reviews

Good for relaxing

View Santa Fe Little Mild Menthol 200ct details...

Father in law loves Santa Fe!

Based on 6 reviews

My Father in law loves these little cigars!!

View Santa Fe Little Original 200ct details...

It was fine, it got

Based on 6 reviews

It was fine, it got here a day earlier than promised

View Swisher Sweets Little Cherry 200ct details...

As usual superb service from

Based on 5 reviews

As usual superb service from B&B!

View Swisher Sweets Little Mild 200ct details...

Delicious Flavor!

Based on 4 reviews

I love the flavor of Grape Santa Fe cigars. I now smoke these instead of Marlboros and they taste so much better. It would be nice if they were available in a box instead of the soft pack but overall I am very pleased with these little grape cigars.

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