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Mixture No. 79 Pipe Tobacco 14oz Tin

Mixture No 79 Pipe Tobacco 14oz Tin

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Product Information
For over 70 years Mixture 79 has been one of the finest and most consistent pipe tobaccos produced. Mixture 79 is a mild and aromatic blend of all Burley tobaccos.
Brand: Type: Pipe Tobacco Manufacturer:
Strength: Medium Flavor: Natural Packaging: Tin
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Mixture 79


Have smoked it for 40+ year. Chang and always came back

by on

Good mix ingredient


Mix this and captain black royal pipe tobacco. Creates a excellent blend. I do use this for pipe smoking not cigs.

by Chris on 4/18/2014

Love the tobacco,also the matchesThe you inclulde.


The empty containers are great for storing things. Must have 30 in my shop.

by Harvey P. on 3/14/2014

Good product and good service


Used the product since 1947 and that should say it all.

by Duhbe on 12/7/2013

Experientia docet!


As a life-time pipe smoker I have always recieved positive comments by passersby as to the aroma of Mixture 79 tobacco. It is my daily companion of over 50 years.

by Padre on 9/27/2013

Mixture No. 79 Pipe Tobacco


Mixture no. 79 purchased as a gift for my father. It's his favorite pipe tobacco blend. He's tried many others but just prefers this mixture. It's getting hard to find this mixture in the local tobacco shops nowadays. I'm glad I found it on your website!

by Bruce on 9/19/2013

Mixture 79 Pipe Tobacco


As an ardent pipe smoker for almost 50 years I have recieved nothing but positive reactions from others (including women)who enjoyed the aroma of Mixture 79 pipe tobacco. I personally enjoy it and have been smoking it almost from the day I began pipe smoking in 1964. Prompt delivery by B&B Tobacco is also a great asset.

by Padre on 4/2/2013

Transaction goes smooth


The recipent seems to like the product. He goes thru about 2 14 oz cans in a month so it must be good.|I personally like the fact that you send me an email telling me when the product is shipped and when it will arrive and it always does arrive on time. Thanks.

by Bregee on 4/24/2012



Received order in a few days. Cost is better than when I could get Mixture 79 locally.

by John on 8/19/2014

Tobacco order


Best tobacco, best source at the best price!!!

by Dean on 10/10/2014

I could not live without


I could not live without it.

by John on 11/14/2014

Super-Reliable & Quality Product.


After running around town and countless phone calls several years ago, discovered B&B which had the exact tobacco our family friend wanted for Christmas. We have been ordering it yearly ever since. No need to shop around for a better price or immediate shipment. Highest recommendation A+++!!!

by Doris on 12/14/2014

Mixture 79 Tastes Like Soap


As a smoker of Prince albert I bought other|Tobaccos to acess their smoking and burning|Carter Hall Pipe Tobacco 14oz Tin |Granger Pipe Tobacco 12oz Tin |Half & Half Pipe Tobacco Tin 12oz |Mixture No. 79 Pipe Tobacco 14oz Tin |Sir Walter Raleigh Regular Pipe Tobacco 14oz Can|All were acceptable except Mixture 79 which|tasted and smelled like burning soap. Even my wife complained about the smell.

by The Old Geezer on 8/19/2013
H Sutliff Mixture 79 pipe tobacco is blended in California from rich burley tobaccos that give it the phenomenal flavor that it is known for. This perennial favorite has stood the test of time for years, as pipe smokers have been loyal to the brand that has given them a great smoking experience that is smooth and satisfying. With the hint of vanilla flavoring that is present in this tobacco, you will get a sweet and soft aroma that will enhance the mild smooth taste that H Sutliff Mixture 79 has to offer. This tobacco is affordable, and is available in tins or pouches.
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