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Cherokee Pipe Tobacco

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Produced by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, these little cigars and pipe tobacco blends have grown to be legendary outside of just Cherokee circles. Each hit from one of these premium tobacco products gives individuals a firsthand chance to truly smoke, taste, and experience the legend of Cherokee Brand Little Cigars.

No matter the product you can be ensured that each one is made from the highest quality blend of flue-cured and burly tobaccos. With little cigar flavors running the gambit from full flavor, cherry, menthol, and mellow there is sure to be something for everyone. If little cigars are not your taste, Cherokee also offers full flavor, menthol, original, Turkish bold, and mellow pipe smoking blends. Prices range from just $5.99- $49.99, allowing a range of options for any budget. Do not deprive yourself of the awesome experience that the Cherokee nation has to offer when it comes to tobacco!

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Nice & Smooth

Based on 81 reviews

I just started rolling my own cigarettes about a month ago, Its been really hard to find a tobacco i liked! These local store's sell stale, old, dry tobacco... i was about to give up on rolling my own!! then I heard about BnB, and this was my last draw.. so i took a chance and ordered Cherokee Mellow!! I received it in the mail today!!! And let me tell you... BEST stuff I've had.. its smooth and FRESH!! I LOVE IT!! Almost like smoking a Marlboro!! I will be buying this regular!!! THANK YOU BnB!!!!!!!!

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Alot of tobacco

Based on 78 reviews

It was a lot of tobacco, but I liked it, the brand was a little harst for us, we mixed it with another. I was wondering if you had another brand in the 5 pounds?

View Cherokee Mellow Pipe Tobacco 5lb details...

Smokin Good , clean and safe,makes the

Based on 71 reviews

The pergfect smoking tobacco

View Cherokee Original Pipe Tobacco 5lb details...

Delivery time

Based on 55 reviews

I think you need to change to time it takes to ship. I have ordered Tobacco from other places and it gets to me fast. I still have yet to receive the tobacco from the order. I can not give a review because I have NOT gotten the produce yet!!!!!

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5 pound bag

Based on 32 reviews

Nice thought with the matches but for a 5 pound bag and only 10 matches lol next time a lighter would b nice

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Great tobacco

Based on 25 reviews

I have been buying this tobacco from BnB for about a year. I smoke menthol cigarettes and use a machine to roll my own. This menthol pipe tobacco is perfect for rolling cigarettes. It is a longer cut and has the perfect moistness. It is a little stronger than I like so I mix it with regular Cherokee tobacco (about half and half) and the result is a mild menthol cigarette very similar to the cigarettes I used to smoke, at about $6 per pack, only mine costs around $1 per pack.

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Cherokee Turkish Pipe Tobacco Review

Based on 18 reviews

I have found the Cherokee Turkish Pipe Tobacco to be a pleasant smoke. I will say that it is a very good tobacco for the price.

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blast from the past

Based on 21 reviews

not for the faint of heart of fans of the "light"varritey.this is a full bodied and full flavor the routine blends from 50 years ago

View Cherokee Turkish Bold Pipe 8oz details...

Excellent !!!

Based on 16 reviews

Very good tobacco.Thank you!

View Cherokee Ultra Light Tobacco 5lb details...

Great flavor

Based on 13 reviews

Mild and yet full of flavor. A great tobacco.

View Cherokee Ultra Light Tobacco 16oz details...

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