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Cornell & Diehl Pipe Tobacco

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Discover the Greatness of Hand-Blended Tobacco Cornell & Diehl is one of the top pipe tobacco manufacturers in the industry. They are known for their hand-blended tobacco that is made in small batches to ensure that quality is always present with every batch. They use a range of fine quality burley based, Virginia based, and English based tobaccos along with flakes and aromatics, to create superb tobacco that everyone can enjoy. Cornell & Diehl pipe tobacco is available in tins or in bulk, and it ranges in flavor from mild to stout. When you want quality at its finest where your pipe tobacco is concerned, Cornell & Diehl is the perfect choice.

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Pretty good tobacco.....

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Good price, smooth smoke. Smells good, so I can smoke in the house without getting in too much trouble.

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Pirate Kake matches Pirates of ?

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Pirate Kake is a"must have" for those who love a full-bodied Latakia bursting with spicy undertones! Just make sure you're smoking in your favorite place of solitude! A perfect smoke for reading fictions like 'The Pirates of ********! Ahoy mates! This is reminiscent of the "Holy Grail" once abundant for plundering but now too often missing on the high seas. So dig into your coffers mates 'cause

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Star of the east flake

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This Is a great full flavored English, it's actually a sort of ready rubbed style not actual flakes, great flavor

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Strathspey like a vintage Scotch

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Love Latakia? How about the bouquet of a smooth single-malt Scotch? Strathspey manages to blend both flavors so you're not sure which is mastering the room note! It's a cool smoke pleasuring your taste buds and your olfactory senses! It's fragrance teases my mind with panoramas of Scotland's highlands with every smoke!

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