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Kentucky Select Full Flavor, best self rolling

Based on 25 reviews

This tobacco has the freshest taste i have found in all the brands I have tried. it is my favorite by far. It does not have the bitter aftertaste i have found using as cigarettes like other brands of pipe tobacco i have tried. This not only replaces the Marlboro brand i did smoke, but to me, surpasses them.

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great tobacco..smooth and rich.....

Based on 30 reviews

We use the GOLD for rolling cigarettes and it is a fantastic match with light tubes to a Marlboro Light....only complaint would be the few stems found...........if it were cut a little finer, it would be even better..........

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the kentucky select gold .

Based on 17 reviews

the Kentucky select gold has a great flavor and aroma but it is a little moist for the roller it works ok but you have to be careful not to clog machine and force youre roll. the Kentucky select black is a great tasting drier blend it rolls smoothly in my roller I,ll be buying the black from now on as its easier to work with thanks so much

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Kentucky Select Silver Pipe 16oz

Based on 17 reviews

Best tobacco ever made and always arrives promtly!!!!!!!!

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Kentucky Select Green Pipe Tobacco

Based on 14 reviews

I used to smoke Benson and Hedges, then Seneca, Menthol, this tobacco is comparable

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Kentucky black

Based on 9 reviews

It's a great full flavor tobacco and it works great in the roller.

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Great company to do business with!!!!

Based on 10 reviews

Tobaccco extremely fresh, Detailed info always sent after orders on shipping, Never a problem with shipping, great prices, great specials. Wouldn't shop anywhere else..

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Silver was the wrong one.

Based on 9 reviews

I smoke gold and got silver. I wondered why it was so different. So now I check my order before I use anything. Thanks and you should Always do the same.

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Kentucky Select Full Flavor 5lb Bag

Based on 7 reviews

Very tasty tobacco at a true bargain price. Looking forward to your other Kentucky Select brands as well. No additives/chemicals either. Impressed also with the quickness of regular shipping. Wish I knew all this 40 years ago.

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Based on 6 reviews

Sometimes I do like a good menthol smoke, and quality vs price, it's very hard to beat Kentucky Select Green (5 lb. bag).

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