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Peter Stokkebye Pipe Tobacco

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Peter Stokkebye is one of the most well-known and loved pipe tobaccos in the world. It is also one of the oldest and most recognized. This Danish tobacco blend was first introduced in Denmark in 1882. It then spread like wildfire throughout Europe, before becoming world renowned for its impeccable quality and taste. The company is 4th generation family owned, and they have more than 30 delicious and distinct blends for your smoking pleasure. If you are a pipe smoking connoisseur that expects top quality where your pipe tobacco is concerned, then Peter Stokkebye blends are as impressive as it gets.

Based on 40 reviews

Peter Stokkebye Turkish

Based on 10 reviews

I do a 50/50 blend of Peter Stokkebye Turkish and Amsterdam blends. Really good smoke and the price is right. I'm satisfied :)

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Smooth smoke with a kick

Based on 6 reviews

By mere smell and appearance, one would think Amsterdam to be a mild smoke with little flavor. The truth, however, is that this tobacco packs a punch. It smokes smooth and ribbony, but even a small bowl set me buzzing. Smells nice, too, for a non-aromatic.

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Danish Export

Based on 5 reviews

This is a pretty smooth tobacco, not harsh or overbearing, a good light smoke. Stuffing them with a machine can be a bit of a challenge, but, other than that, I do recommend this danish export.

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Nice Smoke

Based on 5 reviews

This is a good quality tobacco. The aroma is very pleasant without being overwhelmingly sweet and obnoxious. The tobacco is very fresh and slightly too moist which may require repetitive lighting at the start of a bowl but it's really no big deal. Overall it's a pleasant tobacco with a great price.

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Excellent Tobacco

Based on 3 reviews

Received tobacco from B&B quickly and it was fresh and just what I wanted. Excellent tobacco and service.

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An excellent smoke that satisfies 100%

Based on 2 reviews

Good solid blend with no silly frills and Mickey Mouse additives. A treat to light up and a good honest tobacco taste. The bouquet is even appreciated by non-smokers that seem to be lurking around every corner. In short a very good English blend that satisfies 100%. I have smoked many many tobaccos during my fifty two years as a pipe smoker and this is one of the very best.

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Best tobbaco

Based on 2 reviews

This one is my #1. Best tobbaco I've used with my injector. Nice and mild smoke.

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Thanks Pete. Nice smoke !!!

Based on 2 reviews

I average about a bowl a day on my to-from drive.I smoke a large corncob and this is one of my preferred mixes.||I amasatisfied customer

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Good service

Based on 2 reviews

Good service and good sales.||Thank You

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Thank you BnB. Excellent tobacco.

Based on 1 review

100% satisfied with this Stokkebye blend. Pleasant and excellent bouquet appreciated by those around us. Unfortunately we pipe smokers can never enjoy the bouquet itself but we can still enjoy the delightful experience of smoking a quality tobacco.

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