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Pipe Tobacco

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BnB Tobacco carries the largest selection of pipe tobacco online. Our selection ranges from bulk tobacco to premium and boutique pipe tobacco including the most popular brands - Prince Albert, Red Cap, Carter Hall, Good Stuff, 4 Aces, Criss Cross, Dunhill, CAO, Davidoff and much more in sizes ranging from bulk bags to tins and pouches. Whatever kind of pipe tobacco you are searching for, rest assured, BnB Tobacco has got you covered – all at amazing discount prices!


Based on 30 reviews

The order I placed was delivered on time, and in good condition. Thank you.

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Outstanding customer service

Based on 19 reviews

I was and am very pleased with BnB's products, prices and customer service.

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Borkum Riff Bourbon Pipe Tobacco

Based on 19 reviews

I have enjoyed smoking this tobacco for many years. I hope BNB Tobacco continues to offer it. They have given me great service!

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Great Service

Based on 13 reviews

We place an order every couple of months, and it's so quick and easy. Stays fresher in the individual packs, too.

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No worries - Hassle free, BNB

Based on 8 reviews

(8-7-2014) BNB Tobacco does it again...I received my normal 4 month supply of 4 Aces RYO tobacco and as always, "very easy" ordering process and timely shipment. I've used BNB exclusively for almost 2 years now and I've had a good experience every time. The pricing is excellent and the product is always fresh. I'll never pay full retail again! Great Job guys Doug H.

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Borkum Riff

Based on 7 reviews

Excellent procduct and service.

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smooth and full bodied

Based on 4 reviews

a better than average full bodied bite or edge.

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Excellent Product for Pipe smokers

Based on 4 reviews


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